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Does the trust between people need to be maintained by blockchain

Time : 23/02/2022 Author : 935dsb Click : + -
        I have worked in the blockchain industry for less than half a year, and I have always regarded myself as an industry sprouting new, until one day I heard another practitioner say, "one day in the chain circle, three years in the world". Although the words are exaggerated, they are not unreasonable. People say that it's a long time to stay in this circle for three months, not to mention my own little half a year. So today, calm down and smooth out my understanding of blockchain. In the past six months, I have seen a lot of ups and downs in the chain circle. Like a curious cat, I have been exploring where blockchain can be applied. At the beginning, I always felt that when it came to the chain, there must be money, and I always thought that blockchain solved the problem of payment.
        Until I went through various blockchain landing research and prediction articles, I found that the essence of blockchain actually solves the problem of integrity. Bitcoin is not the first digital currency, but it is the first digital currency that solves the problem of "double payment". This is actually the essence of blockchain to solve the problem of trust. Relying on this essence, there is more room for expansion. Integrity has always been a part of Chinese values and one of the development directions of society. If you think about it carefully, more than a decade ago, the streets were covered with slogans of "building an honest society". After being woken up by the alarm clock, the first thing is to quickly authorize the portable blockchain terminal to upload its wake-up time and place to the unit chain.
        Then I sent another text message to my boss:. "For home?" The wife suddenly took out her mobile phone, clicked it for a while, and then said, "our marriage life chain records are clear. Over the past 40 years, you have only eaten 23 meals at home. On 13567 days, you came home after 2 a.m., and on 12305 days, you left before dawn in the morning! This is home care?". "That's enough. Let's pronounce a sentence." The judge hit the hammer hard again, "your marriage chain does not reflect the husband's love for his wife, and I adjudicate that divorce is established.". More than ten years ago, when everyone was covered with slogans to build an honest society, I was a high school student in secondary school. At that time, I thought that honesty was just not cheating in exams, and I didn't think it needed to rise to the point where the whole society took action.
        I remember it was not long after I went abroad. I went to the convenience store near my dormitory to buy food. I bought a bunch of them, worth more than 30 yuan. I didn't expect that I didn't bring my wallet when I walked to the cashier with my shopping basket to check out. Embarrassed, I had to apologize to the little blonde sister who checked out, saying that I would put my things here first and go back to get my wallet to buy it. To my surprise, the little cashier sister even allowed me to pay on credit and told me to make up the money when I came to buy next time. So I took the unpaid food and snacks back to the dormitory. Of course, I didn't wait for the "next time" to make up for the debt. After returning, I quickly took my wallet and made up for the money.
        But this matter can't calm me down for a long time. During the ten years of living abroad, the trust in strangers deeply infected me. He was taught since childhood that the society is complex and dangerous, and the heart of preventing people is indispensable. When you meet someone, you should always guess others' motives first, and never easily believe an unfamiliar person. Sometimes, I once worried that in such an educated Chinese society, the integrity society may really need to rely on technical means to achieve, and it is unlikely to rely on smart Chinese people to achieve it. The development of mobile payment makes it possible to pay without cash at roadside stalls. More importantly, code scanning payment has virtually deepened the trust between people.
        People can often be seen picking up goods around the stall. After scanning the yard, they shout loudly, "boss, I'll pay it." while shouting, they carry things and walk away contentedly. The stall owner doesn't lift his head, "OK!" Then greet other guests. Mobile payment will eliminate the fear of getting counterfeit money. The situation that the other party can vigorously test the truth with money when shopping is no longer seen. Once an unmanned vending machine, you had to pay first to get goods. Now, there are unmanned vending machines that pick up unlimited quantities of goods first and then scan the code for payment. Even unmanned convenience stores have appeared, which was unimaginable before.
        Back to the question at the beginning of this article, in the past decade, when there is no blockchain, integrity is also improving. Does this mean that it is meaningless to say that blockchain has been landing so many times? Are we really going to rely on cold technology to solve all the "integrity" problems in human society? Is it necessary to rely on science and technology to maintain the truth, goodness and beauty of human nature? If even human nature needs technology to maintain, can people still be called people?. The answer is yes. We should not only develop, but also conscientiously expand the essence of blockchain to solve the problem of integrity. The essential difference between humans and animals is that they will use tools and develop and upgrade tools. However, tools cannot be overridden by human nature. Only by returning tools to their essence and giving full play to their maximum role can they have positive significance for the progress of human civilization.
        The same is true of blockchain technology, which is essentially a development tool to build a good and healthy social order. The positive social order nurtures the development of human nature, stimulates human beings to pursue truth, goodness and beauty, and forms a complete set of development closed loop. This virtuous cycle complements each other and is an important driver of human progress. Just as mobile phone scanning code payment promotes mutual trust through technical means; This kind of trust then develops various industrial chains based on trust. At present, there is a very big foam in the blockchain industry, and all kinds of hyped blockchain projects confuse the public everywhere. When many companies mention their blockchain technology applications, they are prone to subvert the industry and create a new future.
        As a tool, when can blockchain technology return to its essence and quietly contribute to human development?.
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