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More than 100 blockchain enterprises gathered in Optics Valley, and Wuhan ranked among the top ten in terms of "cloud usage"

Time : 01/09/2021 Author : brtixy Click : + -
        In November, Optics Valley capital building. Yan Wenlin, a senior maker, tried to enter the "Optics Valley qingtonghui blockchain special" roadshow several times from the door, but he couldn't get in. The digital economy represented by blockchain is booming in Wuhan. Based on its own industrial characteristics, Wuhan will tap potential, find increment, and make efforts to develop digital economy, fashion economy, and great health economy, so as to seize new opportunities for the development of the tertiary industry. On the evening of November 17, the highly anticipated animated version of "three bodies" released its first trailer, which has received nearly 10 million hits across the network. The producer of this super IP choice is Wuhan Art and painting Kaitian. This top animation studio in China has only been established for 4 years.
        Last year, the output value of Wuhan animation industry reached 8.5 billion yuan, which is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan this year. The animation industry is becoming an important pillar of the development of Wuhan's digital economy. The digital economy has become a white hot area of competition in the new first tier cities. It is not only an important driving force for the transformation and upgrading of industrial manufacturing, but also the commanding height of a new round of global industrial competition. In terms of "cloud usage", an important indicator to measure the digital economy, according to the report on cloud usage and digital economy issued by Tencent Research Institute for two consecutive years, Wuhan's "cloud usage" ranks among the top ten in China, with a rapid momentum and huge growth potential. In 2018, the added value of Wuhan's digital economy reached 577.206 billion yuan, accounting for 38.9% of GDP.
        According to the report on the development of digital economy in major cities in China released in October this year, Wuhan's digital economy development index ranks first in the country, second only to Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Wuhan actively seizes the opportunity of global digitalization to build a digital economy industry cluster and a source of innovation. The second headquarters of many well-known enterprises in the fields of Internet, artificial intelligence and software applications, such as Xiaomi and iFLYTEK, have settled in Wuhan. This year, the Wuhan municipal government signed a cooperation agreement with Tencent to promote the landing of Tencent (Wuhan) digital industry headquarters and jointly build a smart Wuhan. According to the relevant person in charge of the science and technology innovation Bureau of the East Lake high tech Zone, 138 enterprises in Optical Valley have included "blockchain technology research and development" in their business scope, and a number of characteristic blockchain technology research and development and application enterprises such as Tianyu information, Tianyi finance, and core technology have emerged.
        Industry insiders believe that in the development of blockchain industry, Wuhan has the unique advantages of many scientific research institutions and talent reserves, and there is huge room for imagination. Zhuoer Zhilian, a subsidiary of Zhuoer group, the leader of Wuhan private enterprises, has formed effective blockchain technology applications in agriculture, block trading, cross-border trade, supply chain finance and other fields, and has become a leading explorer in the research, development and application of blockchain technology in the field of industrial Internet. Zhuoer Zhilian and Singapore Exchange and other institutions jointly established the world commodity intelligent trading platform, which takes blockchain technology as the bottom layer and is supported by artificial intelligence, electronic signature and digital currency. Blockchain technology has realized the landing application in the full link processes of trade, logistics, finance and so on in the supply chain scenario of cross-border bulk trade.
        This year, under Zhuoer Zhilian officially launched the cocoon silk blockchain project, becoming the first blockchain for the circulation of bulk agricultural products in China, forming a cocoon silk vertical industry application scenario including authorized deposit, traceability of agricultural products, supply chain finance, and intelligent risk control. On the evening of November 5, 2019 Wuhan Fashion Week kicked off in the red t fashion creative block, which was transformed from the old factory of Aidi. The opening show was created by Wuhan Hongren fashion group, which won the "China famous trademark". 30 special sessions in 5 days, Lawrence · Xu, Mao Chuyu, Wang Zhe and other celebrities have made this year's fashion week the most international one.
        In Jianghan District where red t is located, the tertiary industry accounted for more than 93% of GDP last year, and the added value was the first to exceed 100 billion in the province. Modern service industry has become the first driving force for the high-quality development of the district. In fact, red t is just the tip of the iceberg of Wuhan's design strength. In China, 70% of high-speed rail, ultra-high voltage power transmission and transformation, deep foundation pit design, etc. are from Wuhan. Fashion week, design Biennale, Chinese youth film week &hellip& hellip; In November, various cultural, creative and design activities were held in Wuhan, presenting the unique charm of Wuhan as the "city of design" to the world in an all-round and multi angle way, guiding related industries to transform and upgrade to the high end of the value chain, and providing solid support for the upgrading of Wuhan's service supply.
        Engineering design, urban design, architectural design, clothing design, jewelry design, etc. are assembled into creative design aircraft carriers to create a new engine for transformation and development. Wuhan has great potential. Heyuan biology, an enterprise in Optics Valley Biological City, is the world's first human fibronectin osrfn, which is comparable to "Jinchuang medicine". 1 microgram can sell for hundreds of yuan; Mona biological restriction endonuclease, 1000 yuan a tube, sold 10000 tubes a year; The therapeutic monoclonal antibody of yourui biology has a market price of more than 10000 yuan per milligram. "More and more such ‘ small and beautiful ’ R & D enterprises are rising. With high technical barriers and high per capita output value, they are representatives of high-quality development.
        ”The relevant person in charge of Optics Valley Biological city said. Data show that after 10 years of development, the total industrial income of Optics Valley Biological city has exceeded 100 billion, more than 400 new drugs are under research, and 26 first-class new drugs have entered the clinic. Pfizer, Fresenius and other eight Fortune 500 enterprises have settled. At present, great health has been regarded as the service industry with the greatest development potential. Following the Internet and it, it has become the "strategic place" of the capital market. Wuhan also joined the competition. According to the plan, great health will become the next trillion yuan industrial cluster in Wuhan after optics electronics and automobiles. The first World Health Expo held in Han this year has an investment of more than 130billion yuan.
        The new industrial pattern of "one city, one park and three areas", including Optics Valley Biological City, is accelerating.
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