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Twelve most profitable industries in the next 20 years

Time : 27/04/2022 Author : l0grj4 Click : + -
        20 years ago, we haven't heard of many social media, such as twitter and we media. 20 years ago, even the Internet was a rarity. What will happen in the workplace in the next 20 years? Whether more high-tech industries will penetrate into all aspects of our daily life and become the global leader, judging from the current development, it is indeed the case. Datuk Zheng Bojian, a famous prophet in Malaysia, made a prediction on the top 100 hottest industries in the next 20 years. Science and technology is a double-edged sword, which can push the civilization of the world to a higher peak. The rapid development of science and technology will completely change the civilization structure established by mankind for thousands of years.
        Big data, sharing platform, mobile technology, firewall and biotechnology will be the general trend of science and technology in the future. It will even replace most human jobs, leading to the tide of global unemployment. Blockchain and decentralized technology extension have greatly impacted the traditional financial industry. E-banking and virtual currency are likely to replace real currency in the next 20 years. Therefore, e-money, e-banking and ICO projects will become the main trends in blockchain technology in the future. Due to the global energy shortage, cars powered by gasoline will be phased out and completely replaced by electric vehicles. Cars will face a great revolution. Driverless cars, unmanned transportation and unmanned aerial vehicles will be widely used.
        Artificial intelligence is the development trend of modern science and technology. In the future, intelligent technology will be more vigorous, and the amount of information can evolve without relying on human beings. Top AI is a supercomputer, whose ability is far beyond the limits of human beings. Robots, unmanned vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned transportation, celestial eye supervision, security systems will become the trend of automated machinery. Many industries derived from virtual technology, including video games, electronic industry is a great trend, as well as education, medical engineering, and even tourism. If we travel in the future, we may not need to go to the local country in person to feel the local beauty.
        Metauniverse is a great extension of virtual technology. Video games, education, medical treatment, engineering, tourism and metauniverse will be the dominant trends in the future. Human beings will explore outer space, and the battlefields of great powers will also be transferred from the earth to other stars. In the future, many countries will compete to explore planets suitable for human habitation, thus deriving the dream of space migration. Greenhouse gas emissions, car carbon emissions and so on lead to global climate change, so the future industry related to carbon emissions will be a super trend. Especially for energy, water energy, renewable energy, new energy development and other environmental protection technologies are a major trend in the future. Carbon reduction technology, renewable energy, new energy development, recycling technology will become the future trend.
        Due to the global epidemic, many people have developed anxiety disorder, which is becoming more and more serious. Therefore, the future world needs many different spiritual knowledge to help people free from it. Therefore, many works related to psychology, such as metaphysics, philosophy, psychology, counseling, meditation, religion and so on, will be derived, which are the trend of the future. Due to the COVID-19, many students began to receive online education at home, which is also a result of the epidemic. Many people begin to work from home. Virtual education is the general trend in the future. Including: online courses, virtual education, electronic textbooks, educational equipment, etc.
        Many people around the world suffer from heart disease, and many others have heart problems. Heart disease is also the number one killer in the future world. Therefore, various heart related industries, such as nutritional products, heart drugs, health care equipment, physical examination centers, examination equipment, and medical equipment, will become very profitable industries. There are many big technologies and leading enterprises have begun to launch their own smart glasses. In the future, all industries that can protect and maintain eyes, including smart glasses, eye medicine, eye care, nutritional products, examination equipment, medical equipment, etc., will become popular industries. Future entertainment, including film and television platforms, we media, creative content, culture and entertainment, will be very popular.
        Online film and television platforms and payment platforms will be more prosperous. Especially we media is also very important. People who have not yet established their own we media should start to operate their own we media, which is a general trend in the future. Self media experience is very popular. However, we media needs creative content and its own positioning to operate well. The industry representing beauty is also a very popular industry. Including: brand image, advertising, product packaging, beauty fashion, cosmetic surgery, figure repair technology, etc., all kinds of related industries related to image will also flourish.
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