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Tell blockchain in three minutes, who will dominate the future of money

Time : 27/04/2022 Author : 9c27gx Click : + -
        Since many of my friends haven't figured out what blockchain is, they can't understand the connection. Then please allow me to explain clearly what blockchain is in three minutes without talking nonsense or fooling. Many people don't understand what blockchain is because they come up with "what is blockchain?" This concept was then confused by various concepts such as "block", "mining", "decentralization", "double flower attack", "Byzantine general problem", and so on. The answer you give must not be "portable telephone terminal that can be used in a wide range" (from). I can't read this definition smoothly.
        It was solved like this before: find a notary, and your accounts will be recorded here. In case of any dispute, the account book of the notary shall prevail. For example, this is what banks do. Both your money is deposited with him, and the transfer and loan are recorded. Blockchain solves this problem in this way: when you keep accounts in your computer, Zhang San also records the same data in his computer. After writing it down, you two check each other and accept it. This account is officially recorded. There is no need for the participation of a third party or the so-called "authority" or "certification authority". The way everyone keeps accounts together is also known as "distributed" or "decentralized", because everyone keeps accounts, and the accuracy of the account book is determined by the program algorithm, not by an authority.
        Of course, blockchain can be applied in many fields, including digital finance, Internet of things, digital assets and so on. For example, in the field of games, everyone records the ownership and properties of game props together. The rest is about how to realize the technology. You don't need to know. As long as you know that 4G is faster than 3G, you don't need to know what the principle of 4G is. It will only make you dizzy. Now it's not only you and Zhang San who need to keep accounts, but also Li Siwang, Wu Liuwu and their millions of children and grandchildren. Millions of people have to keep accounts together. How to remember? As before, every time an account is transferred, everyone's computers record it, and then check each other to ensure that the accounts of millions of computers are exactly the same. This account is officially recorded.
        In order to reward those who provide computers for bookkeeping, points will be awarded randomly in all bookkeeping computers every few minutes. The better the performance of the computer, the higher the probability of winning the prize. This accounting process is called "mining", and this integral is called bitcoin. This is bitcoin. After talking about the core, bitcoin is so simple. Millions of computers write an account together, all of which record how much money each person has (bitcoin). The rest is about how to realize the technology. You don't need to know how to realize it. You just need to know that the bitcoin network has been running for 10 years without any major problems. To go a little further, the real reason why China and the United States are soaring in blockchain finance and arms race is to win the pen that accounts for the world.
        We will explain this in detail later. You can think deeply, if one day, the bank system goes wrong, and the balance of money in your account becomes 0, how can you prove that there was 386000 in your account?. Or if one day, you are framed and all bank accounts are frozen, what should you do? Obviously, it belongs to you. If you don't deposit it in the bank, it can't be frozen. If you save it now, it will no longer belong to you. Isn't this setting strange?. Of course, this kind of thing will not happen in China, which has a sound legal system and developed science and technology. But what about some poor and backward countries where banks may collapse at any time and local currencies may be worthless at any time?.
        If this account is recorded on the normal blockchain, when the bank says that its computer is broken and it can't find your deposit record, you can tell him that it's okay. There are records in my computer, not only in my computer, but also in millions of other computers, which are exactly the same as my computer. Similarly, on the normal blockchain, the bank cannot freeze your account. Because your assets are no longer just a string of characters in its computer, but are widely recognized in thousands of computers. At the same time, blockchain has extremely strong vitality. The reason why bitcoin can survive for so many years under the strict prohibition of many countries, and the price is getting higher and higher, is that it is too difficult to be banned.
        Hundreds of thousands of computers in the world record the same bitcoin account book, which are distributed in school computer rooms, ordinary houses, deep mountains and forests, and deep wilderness in dozens of countries. No matter how hard it is hit, as long as there is still a machine running bitcoin ledger in the world, it will not really die. This is the end of the answer to the question of what blockchain is. Here are my views on China and the United States' future efforts in blockchain finance. This is much more wonderful than blockchain itself!. I'm not talking about the advantages of blockchain here to praise bitcoin. It is true that bitcoin is a very successful experiment of combining economics with computer technology. Its success also makes the smartest people in the world see the possibility of blockchain subverting the current world monetary system and economic pattern.
        Take Zuckerberg of Facebook, for example. If we want to understand the profound meaning of yesterday's news, we also need to raise our eyes to at least the same height as Zuckerberg. When we mention the money laundering risk of blockchain, which is difficult to supervise and control, we often unconsciously think that the state will suppress it, because it is not conducive to the country's economic order. But what if we don't always think about how to defend the possible harm it may do to us, but polish it into a sharp blade for opening up territory and spreading Chinese civilization far away? If, I'm just saying if, we don't use blockchain finance in our own economic system, but in the whole world economic system?.
        These three characteristics may have a negative impact on the domestic economic system, but if used to enter the economic system of other countries, they are three extremely sharp knives. Let's boldly imagine what we can get from the extremely convenient and easy-to-use Alipay / wechat mobile payment plus the indestructible blockchain finance / bitcoin:. Without setting up any bank outlets or reaching an agreement with any country, people in all corners of the world can use RMB or digital currency controlled by China for settlement through only one mobile phone. And the most cruel thing is: other countries can't ban it if they want to. Far from it, this can at least immediately significantly improve the lifestyle of billions of people around the world who do not have bank accounts.
        They will be able to get their global free account with one click, and the currency will not have to worry about sudden depreciation or account freezing. There is no doubt that this new world currency will be a new form of currency in the future, and it is also the ultimate trophy of this digital world currency war. Who will be the new world financial rulemaker?. The internationalization of RMB has been going on for many years, but it is still a stock competition under the original world pattern, which requires one country, one continent to attack the city and pull out the stronghold. Would it be more interesting if we could use user experience and popular support, rather than aircraft carrier fleets and bombers, to become the rule makers of the new world currency and subvert the whole world currency pattern from bottom to top?.
        Just two days ago, the US Congress held a six hour inquiry on Facebook's digital currency Libra plan. During this period, Zuckerberg said, "I don't know if I can make it, but both Alipay and wechat are desperately building blockchain. If we don't do it, China will do it.".
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