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This is the NFT fraud that Mr. Zhou also broke through

Time : 25/11/2021 Author : 83c0xu Click : + -
        In recent years, the concept of meta universe has become popular. Among them, the most popular is NFT. Whenever there is a tuyere, swindlers will take the opportunity to enter. Therefore, when a large number of investors poured into the NFT market, fraud also came. NFT, non fungibletoken, is called non homogenous token in Chinese, also known as irreplaceable token. Since it is a token, that is to say, it has the value of money, but it is not money. It's like famous paintings in real life, or other collections. But the difference between NFT and Da Vinci's Mona Lisa is that it is digital, virtual, and even can be easily copied indefinitely.
        So the question is, since it can be simply copied and saved, why would someone buy it alone at a high price? Because every NFT work or document has an independent digital signature, just like the independent number of a collection in the real world (that is, irreplaceable). In addition, NFT transactions can be completely tracked and recorded on the blockchain, so what buyers buy is actually the ownership of works. NFT market is a new field, and various regulatory systems are gradually improving. Therefore, the swindler focused on the loopholes, and also took advantage of the investors' desire to make money, waiting for the opportunity to cheat. Liars usually make fake NFT trading websites before cheating, that is to say, the works above do not have NFT value.
        After that, swindlers will post fake website links in various trading groups to attract visitors with high return bait. When a buyer is hooked, the website customer service will guide users to recharge the platform wallet with RMB and buy fake NFT on the platform. Through the tampering of background data, it creates the illusion of NFT appreciation and induces it to increase investment. When users want to withdraw cash, they will find that they cannot withdraw cash. At this time, the swindler will induce the user to continue recharging on the basis of insufficient cash withdrawal. Until users found that they had been cheated, the liar had already fled, and the NFT trading website could not be accessed. The victims of this system are those old users who have traded on some well-known NFT platforms.
        The most common way is that fraudsters send false emails to victims in the name of the platform, claiming that someone has made NFT bids for the victims. For details or to view the transaction, please click the link or button. I believe that at this stage, some friends have seen the routine &mdash& mdash; This is a typical phishing scam! The fake Web page will guide the victim to link the wallet and submit mnemonics, verification codes, transaction passwords, etc. Once this information is filled in, the assets will be stolen. President Zhou was hit by this trick. Swindlers lurk in the user group of NFT platform. When users ask technical questions, they will claim to be technicians sent by the platform and ask the victims to open the computer screen for sharing to facilitate the inspection of problems.
        At this time, all the actions of the victim are clearly seen by the liar, and they may take screenshots to retain the password and mnemonic words of the victim's platform wallet. There are also fraudsters who will guide victims to fake pages that appear to be official websites and ask victims to enter detailed personal information according to prompts. The technique here is the "phishing website" mentioned in the second part of our routine. The swindler pretended to be an employee of the well-known NFT trading platform and claimed that the platform was holding reward activities. As long as you log in to your account through the activity link he sent, you can get free NFT. When the victim logs in successfully, the personal information has been stolen, and the virtual assets in the platform may also be lost.
        Swindlers publicize their NFT projects in major communities and forums in the name of NFT authors or creative teams, and use high returns as bait to raise so-called creative funds and project start-up funds. A project called cryptosis launched by pornographic actress lanarhoades is a typical NFT fraud case. In order to increase the credibility, the fraud Gang carefully built a decent official website through which "supporters" participated in fund-raising activities. In order to stimulate investment, the team also said that one of the investors will have the opportunity to meet lanarhoades himself. The project defrauded a total of $1.8 million before and after. Now the project has been terminated. Lanarhoades also deleted her twitter account and disappeared without a trace.
        The development of NFT market in China is in the stage of de financing. People's daily commented that at present, the legal nature, transaction mode, supervision subject and supervision mode of NFT are not clear in China, so we should be cautious about NFT investment. At the same time, we need to be vigilant that money laundering gangs are also eyeing NFT and blockchain securities tokens. Gou Wenjun, director of the anti money laundering monitoring and analysis center of the people's Bank of China, said that NFT is easy to become a money laundering tool, and counted the endless illegal use of various new digital technologies, and the arrested offenders also boasted that they were innovators in the financial technology industry.
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