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Blockchain application,Wuxi, a comprehensive pilot of national blockchain innovation and application, was built like this!

Time : 08/04/2022 Author : ikap4o Click : + -
        This year, Wuxi was selected as the only city in Jiangsu Province among the 15 national pilot cities for blockchain innovation and application. On July 21, the city held the second meeting of the overall planning and coordination mechanism for blockchain development and management and the first promotion meeting of the national blockchain innovation and application pilot work to summarize the block chain innovation and development work in Wuxi City, study and deploy the key tasks in the next stage, and promote the national blockchain innovation and application pilot work. Li Qiufeng, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and Minister of the publicity department, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Vice mayor zhouwendong presided over the meeting. Li Qiufeng pointed out that since last year, under the unified leadership of the municipal Party committee and the municipal online information technology committee, all departments in all parts of the city have taken positive actions and taken the initiative to speed up the top-level design and overall layout of blockchain development in accordance with the deployment of the first meeting of the urban block chain development and management coordination mechanism, and all work has achieved good results.
        Li Qiufeng stressed that we should further understand the overall situation and integrate our thoughts and actions into General Secretary Xi's important discussion on accelerating the innovation and development of blockchain technology and industry and the major decisions and arrangements of the central, provincial and municipal Party committees. We should further consolidate technical support, strengthen the leading role of technology, and take blockchain technology as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technology. We should further enrich the application scenarios, explore and promote the application of "blockchain +" scenarios, and implement the four innovative projects of blockchain infrastructure construction, accelerating industrial development, enabling social governance and helping public services. We should further strengthen the organization and leadership, give full play to the role of the blockchain national pilot working group, and effectively do a good job in the overall planning and coordination, project implementation, linkage supervision and other aspects, so as to form a strong joint force for the innovation and development of blockchain.
        Zhou Wendong asked all departments in all regions to strengthen their political positions, comprehensively compress and compact their work responsibilities, deeply recognize the situation and responsibilities of promoting the development of blockchain, focus on the central work of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government with a sense of urgency, closely follow the pilot objectives and work requirements, promote the national blockchain innovation and application pilot with high standards, and jointly promote the blockchain scenario application and industrial development, Effectively build Wuxi into a national benchmark city for blockchain development. The meeting heard the report of the municipal Party committee's office of cyberspace and information technology on the innovation and development of Wuxi urban block chain and the promotion of the national blockchain innovation and application pilot. The Municipal People's Procuratorate, the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, the Municipal Health Commission, the central branch of the people's Bank of China in Wuxi, Xishan District, Xinwu district and other departments and regions made speeches and exchanges, and the member units of the overall planning and coordination mechanism for the development and management of urban block chain Representatives of member units of the municipal pilot working group for promoting the innovative application of national blockchain, the urban blockchain industry development alliance and key enterprises attended the meeting.
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