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The 2019 chain game player demand survey report came, and up to 74% of players said they were willing to try blockchain games

Time : 24/08/2021 Author : injvop Click : + -
        Degamelabs chain game lab, together with Zhejiang University blockchain Association, tokenpocket and meetone, jointly released the questionnaire of "game player demand survey". Thank all players who participated in the questionnaire, tokenpocket and meet The strong support of one community. This survey aims to understand the current situation of blockchain game market, focus on the characteristics of chain game players, and provide reference for building blockchain games preferred by target users and promoting the development of the chain game industry. The 2019 survey report on the needs of chain players is divided into four parts. The part is an overview of the basic situation of the sample. The second part is a comparison between chain game players and traditional game players. The third part focuses on the chain game cognition and preferences of chain game players. The fourth part is an analysis of the game experience and game behavior of players.
        In terms of age distribution, the post-90s account for nearly 50%, the post-80s account for nearly 30%, and the post-00s declare that the Cenozoic has entered the market with a proportion of nearly 7%. In terms of the frequency of playing games, 48.6% of the players play games "more than 4 times a week", 18.6% of the players play games 3-4 times a week, and only 7.3% of the players rarely play games. From the understanding of blockchain technology, 42% of players said they knew a lot, 54% of players said they knew a little, and only 4% of players did not know at all. Among the behaviors of trading digital currency, 78% of the players have participated in digital currency trading, 17.5% of the players have not done so, but 4.5% of the players said they wanted to participate but did not know how to participate. The popularization and education of users still need to continue.
        Combined with the purpose of this survey, this survey mainly focuses on the differences between chain game players and traditional game players. In order to clarify the differences between the two types of players, we define chain game players as: players who have played blockchain games and have digital currency trading behavior, and traditional game players as: Players who have not played blockchain games and have no digital currency trading behavior. 1) Chain game players' favorite game type is strategy. Traditional game players like a variety of game types, mainly role-playing, action and leisure;. In the selection of game painting style, there is no obvious difference between chain game players and traditional game players. The top three favorite painting styles are Chinese style and line drawing. The fun of playing games.
        66.4% of the respondents understood the difference between chain games and traditional games. Among them, 70.8% of players recognize the value of chain games, and 29.2% of players understand the difference between chain games and traditional games, but do not recognize the value of chain games. 1. Chain game planning players are most concerned about the interesting content of the game (37.9%), the circulation of props (19.2%) and the ability of the game to make money (18.9%); Ordinary game players pay more attention to the fun of the game content itself, and chain game players prefer the money making effect of the game. 2. Chain game preference for the characteristics of chain game, the first three items that chain game players are most concerned about are: the circulation of props, the appreciation of props assets and the money making effect of the game.
        Chain game players pay great attention to the property asset chain (asset chain generally refers to the use of smart contracts to record that the property assets issued in the game have realized the ownership of the players) and will deliberately check whether the game assets are on the chain; Only 2.9% of chain game players don't care about the assets on the chain.
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