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Forward looking blockchain industry global weekly 2021 issue 32: metauniverse was shortlisted as the economist's top 22 newcomers in 2022

Time : 20/06/2022 Author : alvynx Click : + -
        On December 6, the British economist website published an article entitled "what's next? 22 emerging technologies worthy of attention in 2022", and metauniverse was shortlisted. The economist pointed out that in 2022, metauniverse was used to refer to the integration of electronic games, social networks and entertainment, with the purpose of creating new immersive experiences. Games such as my world and fortress night can be regarded as springboards to emerging media. On December 11, as the second "double 12 Suzhou Shopping Festival" is approaching, Jiangsu cable Suzhou Branch launched the "cable TV action to benefit the people" and officially launched the digital RMB payment platform.
        This also marks the smooth landing of the country's first cable TV digital RMB payment platform in Suzhou, and the further expansion of the pilot application field of digital RMB. Recently, the Chongqing Municipal People's government issued the "14th five year plan for the development of Chongqing's digital economy (2021, 2025)". The document points out that we should accelerate the development of blockchain industry. Relying on Chongqing block chain digital economy industrial park, China smart Valley (Chongqing) science and Technology Park and other key parks, vigorously carry out the research, development, production, promotion and application of blockchain security software and hardware technology products. On December 6, it was reported that between 15million and 20million Indians had invested about $6billion in cryptocurrency.
        Interestingly, India did not just regard cryptocurrency as a digital currency that could be bought and sold, but began to regard it as an asset type similar to real estate and gold. The focus of discussion now is whether cryptocurrency is allowed as an asset class, whether it is allowed to be used in transactions, and how to regulate or collect taxes. It is expected that the Indian government will soon announce new regulations. On December 7, the Central Bank of Russia said that it opposed the provision of financial services related to cryptocurrencies in the country, and believed that such products were high-risk and not conducive to the interests of Russian investors. On December 6, the financial conduct authority (FCA) released a "discussion paper".
        According to this proposal, cryptocurrency investors may be excluded from the UK compensation plan when the company goes bankrupt. The regulator said in the discussion paper, "in particular, high-risk or alternative investments, such as crypto assets and unlisted securities, may be excluded from the financial services compensation plan in some cases.". On December 11, according to the Korea daily economic report, from next March, the Korean government will prohibit the Korean exchange from transferring money to wallets that have not been reviewed by KYC, including metamask. All blockchain wallets must be subject to KYC review. Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology officially replied to support the establishment of a blockchain development pilot zone in Suzhou, which is the first national blockchain development pilot zone officially approved to be established in China.
        At present, 160 blockchain enterprises have gathered in the city, driving nearly 300 related technology application enterprises. 30 enterprises have been selected into the Jiangsu blockchain key enterprise library, 4 enterprises have been selected into the "Touyan" and "Touyan cultivation" enterprises in Suzhou, and 38 blockchain information service filing projects of the central Internet information office have been completed, accounting for 44.4% of the total number of filings in the province. Their influence in Jiangsu and the country is growing day by day. On December 11, on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the birth of Mr. Qian Xuesen, the official website of the meta universe Industry Committee of China Mobile Communications Federation issued a document proposing to respect Mr. Qian Xuesen as the "father of the meta universe" and to take his digital twin as the "No. 1 citizen of the meta universe", so as to pay high tribute to Mr. Qian Xuesen.
        Recently, several handwritten letters from Mr. Qian Xuesen have caused heated discussion and search. Thirty years ago, Mr. Qian Xuesen named today's "VR" with the "spiritual realm" of "Chinese flavor", and predicted today's "meta universe" with "Dacheng wisdom". On December 6, relevant people said that station B is testing the "high-energy chain" of related meta universe business. The high-energy chain is a digital native community built for new applications, cultures, games and digital assets, and will support community governance in the future. From the introduction of the test screenshot, "high energy chain" is a kind of "meta universe ecology", which aims to build an open, innovative and all inclusive Digital Native community. Blockchain is the essential underlying technology to build a meta universe.
        On December 9, yuanjingsheng (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. was established on December 6, with a registered capital of 10million yuan, legal representative Peng Wei, and business scope including software development; Computer system services; Performance brokerage; Internet information services, etc. Shareholder information shows that the company is wholly owned by Hangzhou Ali Venture Capital Co., Ltd. According to Alibaba insiders, the company's future business is related to metauniverse, according to a reporter from the science and Innovation Board daily. On December 8, zhengzhigang, a real estate giant in Hong Kong, China and CEO of new world development group, announced that he would invest in sandbox, a virtual land game, and obtain one of the largest digital plots in sandbox.
        According to people familiar with the matter, Zheng Zhigang's investment in sandbox is about US $5million. Zheng Zhigang said that his virtual world will include an "innovation center" to show the commercial success of start-ups in Dawan district. On December 10, it was reported that U.S. senators Elizabeth Warren and Maria kentworth asked federal agencies to investigate meta because it was suspected of misleading advertisers, investors and the public in terms of public safety and platform coverage. Warren hopes that the Ministry of justice and the SEC will launch criminal and civil investigations against meta or its executives to determine whether they have violated the telecommunications fraud law and the securities law. Warren hopes that the Ministry of justice and the SEC will launch criminal and civil investigations against meta or its executives to determine whether they have violated the telecommunications fraud law and the securities law.
        According to the news on December 7, fxcoin, a crypto asset (virtual currency) exchange platform in Japan, will become the industry group of Liyuan universe within this week. Relevant groups will cooperate with the Department of Finance and other administrative organs to start market construction and strive to make Japan a developed country in the meta universe. The name of the industry group to be established is "general association legal person Japan meta universe Association". V God released the news of the route day aimed at solving the centralization and trust problems of the "big blockchain". Vitalikbuterin, the founder of Ethereum, released the article "endgame (the final stage)". Considering the general "big blockchain", that is, a very high block frequency, a very large block size, thousands of transactions per second, but also a highly centralized blockchain, V God proposed a reasonable route. Add a second layer pledge to carry out distributed block verification; 2. Introduce fraud proof or zk-snark to allow users to directly (and at a low cost) check the validity of blocks; 3. Introduce data availability sampling to let users check the availability of blocks; 4. Add secondary trading channels to prevent review.
        On December 8, opensea, the world's largest NFT market, has appointed brianroberts as its first chief financial officer. Roberts previously served as the CFO of LYFT, a car sharing application, and he has rich experience. Although Roberts admitted to Bloomberg that he was not experienced in the encryption industry, he soon shared his intention to raise more funds for the platform. Roberts also said that opensea's IPO may happen soon. On December 8, yuancosmos and nextecharsolutionscorp, an AR experience technology and service provider Announced that the company now accepts the main cryptocurrency as an optional form of payment, providing customers with greater flexibility.
        The company believes that crypto economy is the next emerging market, and cryptocurrency will become the main payment method of metauniverse. On December 9, visa, a payment giant, issued a statement saying that the company has officially launched a global encryption consulting service for financial institutions to help them develop their encryption business, provide advice for the bank's encryption strategy and implementation, and help the bank establish a special encryption team. On December 9, coinbase announced that it will support hardware wallets such as ledger. Users of the coinbasewallet browser extension will be able to connect their ledger hardware wallets and maintain self-regulation and complete control over their assets.
        The partnership will be launched in phases from the first quarter of 2022. Coinbase mobile applications will also support ledger hardware wallets. The regulations on intellectual property protection of Hainan free trade port was issued and will come into force on January 1 next year. The regulation stipulates that the specific management department of intellectual property should use modern information technology such as blockchain to establish an online processing mechanism for intellectual property disputes; The people's court should encourage the parties to make full use of blockchain, electronic data platform and other third-party evidence preservation methods to collect and fix evidence, so as to improve the quality and efficiency of intellectual property cases. According to the news on December 6, Chengdu Municipal Bureau of planning and natural resources actively explored application scenarios around data security management, business intelligence approval, behavior monitoring and early warning, data collaboration and sharing, and built a "Chengdu E-Chain" blockchain platform to realize the acceptance of "zero materials" for the first registration of real estate.
        On December 7, Hang Seng electronics officially announced at the 2021 developer cloud conference blockchain technology forum that hsl2.0, the underlying platform of Hang Seng blockchain, is open source, aiming to promote the application of blockchain in the financial industry and reduce the threshold for financial institutions to use blockchain. As the self-developed and controllable underlying blockchain architecture of Hang Seng electronics, hsl2.0 is specialized in the financial industry and has product features such as high performance, high security, easy expansion, multilingual smart contract development, and strong usability. On December 5, carlaspalding, a candidate for the 23rd District of Congress, tweeted that he would accept bitcoin donations, saying that "Americans should have the right to protect their savings from inflation.
        I will always defend freedom and financial innovation. Without freedom, we have nothing. ". On December 9, microstrategyceomichaelsaylor tweeted that he bought 1434 bitcoins with about $82.4 million in cash, with an average price of $57477 per bitcoin. As of December 9, the company held about 122478 bitcoins, with a total purchase price of $3.66 billion, with an average price of about $29861 per bitcoin. On December 11, Miami mayor francissuarez announced his plan to use bitcoin as part of his 401 (k) retirement savings one month after starting to receive bitcoin wages.
        Suarez said in an interview, "I just think this is an asset worth investing in. Over time, it will obviously be popular. This is what I believe." Suarez stressed that the success of bitcoin is closely related to people's confidence in the system, which is essentially an "open source, unmanageable system". On December 8, googletrends released the 2021 hot search list, in which "dogecoin" ranked fourth in the hot search news section. According to official news, Nayuki, the official brand ambassador of Naixue, and cocafe, the Chinese digital collection development team, launched online NFT digital art.
        Naixue launched 300 NFT works, including 7 Hidden ones, which were sold out in the form of blind boxes online within one second of sale. As the first tea brand to release NFT, Naixue will create more wonderful experiences from a diverse and beautiful universe. On December 9, a subsidiary of hancomwith will sign a contract with an AI composer this month and distribute its intellectual property in the NFT market. Hancomartpia said on Thursday that it would work with artificial intelligence based content production company enterarts to sell the NFT of AI composer aimymoon in the NFT market scheduled to launch later this month.
        On December 9, Pepsi Cola announced the release of the pepsimicdropgenesisnft Series Collection (designed and created by vaynernft, a consulting company under vaynerx Holdings), and 1893 unique NFTs will be built in the city to commemorate the birth year of Pepsi Cola. These NFTs will be online on the Ethereum blockchain at 12:00 p.m. EST on Friday, December 10, and will be free to users (but need to pay gas fees). On December 11, UNICEF announced today that it will launch a series of NFTs in Ethereum to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations agency.
        UNICEF said that it would open the NFT exhibition in January 2022, which was organized by nadiehbremer, a digital artist and data scientist, and was called "patchworkkingdoms". The profits from the exhibition will be used to support many projects of the foundation, including the Giga program, which provides funds for Internet access for children around the world. On December 10, the company's "talking tom cat family" IP, together with the only art of digital art e-commerce platform, will officially launch the first batch of limited edition NFT cards with the theme of "talking tom cat family" flying car. This time, Tom cat family NFT series will adopt systematic content and be released in stages in the form of blind boxes, providing more interesting gameplay and new digital experience for tom cat family IP fans and NFT fans.
        On December 10, Bill Gates released the 2021 year-end review. Gates said that 2021 gave us a preview of a more digital future. Digitalization will continue to exist, but over time, the technology used by humans will continue to become better. Gates predicted that metaverse would revolutionize office work. The year-end review wrote: "in the next twoorthree years, I predict that most virtual conferences will shift from two-dimensional images (I call it the" Hollywood square model ", although I know that this description may make me look a little outdated) to metaverse, a 3D space with" virtual images ".
        On December 10, fabiopanetta, a member of the Executive Committee of the European Central Bank, said in his speech "the present and future of money in the digital age" that the value of crypto assets is growing rapidly, and has now exceeded US $25000billion, which may bring inestimable risks to financial stability. There is no indication that encrypted assets have performed or are performing socially or economically useful functions. On December 10, Zhou Hongyi, the founder and chairman of 360 group, said at the 2021 Phoenix Science and technology summit that he was not opposed to all meta universes, only those who issued virtual coins under the concept of meta universe and made virtual communities under the banner of meta universe.
        Zhou Hongyi believes that there will be huge business opportunities in the industrial yuan universe, which is also the blue ocean market in the future. But at the same time, the industrial meta universe will also face huge security risks. The practice of buying anti-virus software and installing firewalls can no longer be dealt with. We should use the digital security capability system to escort the development of the industrial meta universe. When talking about the security of the meta universe, he said that he was most worried about the brain computer interface and urgently needed to plan the digital security system synchronously. On December 11, looking back on 2021, Zhu Jiaming believed that there were four things that had a significant impact on the long-term development of the world, including COVID-19 and vaccines, dual carbon targets, Mars exploration and space development, and from NFT to
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