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"Jingwang 2019 | debunking online scams together" blockchain "is not a good recipe for sudden wealth

Time : 18/01/2022 Author : 65secw Click : + -
        At present, "blockchain" has become the focus of the whole society, and virtual currency, as a representative application of "blockchain" technology, has also become a hot spot pursued by people. However, various deceptions of issuing, buying and speculation with the title of "blockchain" have also followed. Case: Zhang San is a young man who loves emerging technologies. He has a certain understanding of blockchain and bitcoin, and is also willing to try new things. An advertisement for investing in the original virtual currency popped into Zhang San's screen on one day's website. The advertisement said that a world-famous start-up company was raising funds for the global issuance of "markcoin". As long as it costs tens of thousands of yuan, it can participate in this ICO and become an original investor. After the global public issuance of "markcoin", it will definitely appreciate significantly.
        Thinking of the miracle that the value of bitcoin soared hundreds of times that year, Zhang sanlike contacted the customer service staff of the company, and the other party immediately sent the technical proposal, development plan, business plan and other materials of the project. Seeing such a professional technical copy, Zhang San was convinced of the appreciation potential of the "mark coin" and immediately sent tens of thousands of yuan of investment funds to the company. But a few months later, the "mark coin" not only did not appreciate significantly, but even the issuing company was empty. Until the software to check the "mark coin" could not be opened, Zhang San had to admit that he had been cheated. In China, it is illegal to issue any original virtual currency, so don't expect to buy the myth that the original virtual currency can appreciate and get rich overnight.
        Case: after retiring, Li Si always hoped to make a difference. After seeing someone participate in bitcoin "mining" activities on TV and get rich overnight, he inquired about online mining methods everywhere, but he failed to do so due to his lack of computer and network knowledge. One day, Li Si saw an advertisement saying that as long as he invested 10000 yuan "XX Yuan", he could become a "miner" to participate in "mining", and each "miner" could obtain the "reward" given by the platform by developing a new "miner". After reading it, Li Si immediately signed a contract with "XX coin" to start offline "mining", and also actively developed relatives and friends to become "miners". However, we soon found that although the "XX coin" in our hands continued to grow, the platform kept shirking excuses. When Li Si wanted to talk to the person in charge of the platform face-to-face, we found that the swindlers had already run away with money.
        Li Si was left with only worthless virtual currency and relatives and friends who came to collect debts. Criminals use everyone's misunderstanding of new technology to induce everyone to win over relatives and friends to invest in money speculation, which is essentially a pyramid scheme to attract people. Case: Wang Wu has always claimed to be a senior shareholder, but in recent years, the stock market has been tepid, and the prices of various virtual currencies have soared. Many shareholders in QQ group have begun to participate in "currency speculation", and Wang Wu, who can't help but be tempted, also tried to register the "XX currency trading platform". At first, Wang Wu also had some concerns about "speculation", but with the enthusiastic service of the platform and friends, coupled with concise and standardized operating software, coupled with "experts and scholars explaining trading skills online, Wang Wu was convinced and continued to increase investment.
        Unfortunately, the good times didn't last long. One morning, the price of "XX Yuan" bought by Wang Wu plummeted. Wang Wu quickly contacted his friends and platform teachers to study countermeasures. Friends and teachers agreed that these declines were just normal fluctuations, and encouraged Wang Wu to hold positions to rise until Wang Wu lost money. They also continued to persuade Wang Wu to invest more and fight for a turnaround. Wang Wu didn't realize that this "XX currency trading platform" was a fraud jointly concocted by group friends and "experts and teachers" until he found that the only remaining funds in his account could not be transferred out. China has long banned speculation in virtual currencies. Therefore, the current online currency speculation platforms are suspected of violating the law, which is the real fraud in the name of currency speculation.
        The above-mentioned frauds in the name of "blockchain" are all routines. These fraudsters simply use the old routines of previous frauds to wrap up new dangerous traps in obscure and profound terms to confuse the public. In this regard, the police remind everyone:. Second, the relevant competent authorities in China have repeatedly issued documents prohibiting any platform from engaging in the exchange business between legal tender and token, "virtual currency", and the so-called issuance, sale and speculation of virtual currency on the Internet are illegal acts.
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