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Energy blockchain research | AI technology will shape distributed energy integration

Time : 24/11/2021 Author : l7gnuk Click : + -
        Guidehouseinsights predicts that by 2030, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the artificial intelligence driven der integrated market will reach 10%. Revenue from this market is expected to increase from $204.2 million in 2021 to $481.8 million in 2030. (Note: guidehouseinsights is a special department of guidehouse's market research, which provides various survey, data and benchmark data collection services to deal with the diverse and strictly restricted industries due to the rapid changes in the world. Through our observation, we propose a detailed analysis of the global environmental protection technology market.
        )。 Hannah ·, senior research analyst at guidehouseinsights; Hannahdavis said, "the popularity of advanced metering systems (AMI), smart meters, the influx of more advanced grid planning and operation data, and the increase in der capacity require developed communication networks and two-way currents, which are reshaping the operation of distribution networks.". Global power companies are increasing the promotion of Der for solar energy, wind energy, energy storage and electric vehicles to ensure safe energy supply and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Guidehouseinsights predicts that due to the intensified competition between decarbonization cases and new business cases, more and more governments have formulated stricter climate mitigation policies, and the global der capacity will reach more than 3.2twh by 2030.
        However, the more der is connected to the power grid, the more complex the energy network operated and managed by power companies will be. The research shows that the traditional mechanism of managing der and power grid (power load and generation forecasting, demand response, power quality management and voltage regulation) is far from enough. Intelligent technology and advanced technology (including artificial intelligence) play a role, because it enables power companies to use grid infrastructure for management, market pricing, supply and demand, and master real-time data of power load conditions and weather forecasts. Guidehouseinsights said in a statement, "AI technology has been applied to various power grids and market operations in the energy industry.
        Der integration has become one of the most eye-catching applications of artificial intelligence in the energy industry. ". The study also shows that the digital transformation of the energy sector is expected to have a positive impact on the use of artificial intelligence, thereby simplifying and accelerating the integration of Der with the power grid. It is estimated that by 2030, up to 1.6 billion smart meters will be online by global power companies, and more networking demand side devices such as smart inverters and smart thermostats will be provided. This will result in a sharp increase in the amount of data that the utility needs to process. The research points out that artificial intelligence may optimize the ability of power companies to acquire, manage and process these data. The research shows that the rapid development of related technologies and the adoption of artificial intelligence der solutions in the "software as a service" mode by more and more suppliers provide more options for power companies, which is conducive to the efficient integration of Der and power grid network.
        Hanna added, "the integration of Der driven by artificial intelligence can bring benefits to power companies by using more efficient power load and generation forecasting tools, grid optimization and network planning tools, and power quality management.". During the forecast period, the compound annual growth rate of the Asia Pacific region is expected to be 14.7%, a record high, followed by the Middle East and Africa, and then Latin America. However, it is expected that by 2030, due to the high cost of artificial intelligence technology used for der integration, and the lack of advanced data collection system and management practices of power companies, these factors will hinder the development of the market.
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