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Qtum sends the first blockchain node into space

Time : 26/04/2022 Author : 5qrin8 Click : + -
        Qtum is a blockchain project focusing on distributed applications (dapps). On February 2, it was announced on twitter that the "first space-based blockchain node" made by qtum had been launched on a Chinese satellite. However, on Friday, on the day of launch, the countdown was replaced by a press release on the successful launch of the Long March 1 satellite published on the website of the National Space Administration of China. Qtum and blockchain were not mentioned in the press release. Users on qtumsubreddit expressed confusion about the disappearance of the website countdown and asked for more information about the successful launch. Qtum's Telegraph channel released a video of satellite launch on YouTube today. The subtitle shows that this is the video of "today's first qtumpos node".
        Qtum's dapps is based on Ethereum, because the platform uses the unused transaction output (utxo) blockchain model to enable more lightweight smart contracts to interact with mobile and Internet of things programs. Qtum also cooperates with spacechain, a space exploration program aimed at establishing an open-source satellite network. Storing data in outer space will eliminate the potential problems of government regulation. In November 2017, in an interview with techinasia, spacechain CEO Zheng Zuoxiu talked about the launch date of a satellite running on the qtum network in February 2018.
        Spacechain also posted the video of today's launch on twitter, saying that the rocket was carrying "space chain satellites and qtum all nodes".
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