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The original advertisement of the video number is online; Tiktok turns off the "circle" function; "Dune, 2" is officially launched and will be released next year. Geeks know it early

Time : 11/06/2021 Author : 2yhipb Click : + -
        EU member states unanimously approved the "digital market law"; In the second quarter, global smartphone shipments fell by 9% year-on-year; Sources revealed that Ningde times is considering building a factory in Mexico; Xiaomi's new patent allows genetic reproduction of virtual characters. On July 18, according to CCTV news, the 27 member states of the European Union unanimously approved the "digital market law" on July 18 local time. The digital market law stipulates that large technology companies and enterprises can use personal data for targeted advertising only with the explicit consent of users. Users should be allowed to freely choose browsers, virtual assistants or search engines. Companies that violate the regulations will face a fine of 10% of the global annual turnover, with a cumulative fine limit of 20% for repeated violations, and may face a purchase ban.
        The digital market law will cover the leaders in network intermediary services, social networks, search engines, operating systems, online advertising services, cloud computing, video sharing services, web browsers and virtual assistants. It is applicable to companies with a market capitalization of 75billion euros, an annual turnover of 7.5 billion euros and at least 45million users per month. Companies such as alphabet, Amazon, apple, meta and Microsoft all meet these standards. (source: it home). On July 18, according to foreign media reports, Ningde times, the world's largest battery manufacturer for electric vehicles, is considering building a factory in Mexico with an investment of up to $5billion.
        According to sources, foreign media reported that Ningde times is considering building a factory in Mexico. There are at least two sites under consideration. The batteries produced after production are planned to be supplied to Tesla, Ford and other manufacturers. Specifically, the sources revealed that the two plant construction sites that Ningde times is considering are Juarez city in Chihuahua and Saltillo in Coahuila, both of which are close to the border of Texas in the United States. However, foreign media also mentioned in the report that Ningde times may divide their planned investment into two parts, one for building factories in Mexico and the other for building factories in the United States, but they have not yet made a final decision.
        (source: techweb). In July last year, Tiktok tested the "same city circle" social function, which is positioned as the same city interest circle to help local Tiktok users communicate and make friends in specific interest circles. The entrance of Tiktok circle is located in the same city interface. After entering from the entrance, users can see the circles they have joined and the recommended local circles. (source: techweb). According to the official introduction, jarofsparks is led by jerryhook, the former design director of Halo: infinite, and has a team of industry veterans who have participated in some of the largest franchises in the history of video games.
        Jerry is a pioneer in the game industry. He helped launch the first generation of Xbox and is also a founding member of xboxlive. He has held executive positions in the halo and destiny series, and recently served as the design director of Halo: infinite. Jarofsparks, headquartered in Seattle, will recruit talents around the world, eager to create new franchises, with new characters, stories and worlds, to stimulate the imagination of players around the world. (source: it home). On the launch day of the original advertisement of wechat video number, wechat advertising assistant announced that the original advertisement of wechat video number was officially launched, opening a new advertising scene of wechat streaming media.
        According to reports, first of all, native ads will appear in the lower left corner of the video. Users can forward the video to the circle of friends or wechat session with one click. After clicking "recommend" of hearts, the video will also appear in the "friends" stream. Secondly, when users stay attracted by brand content, clicking on the advertising component card on the video can arouse the brand applet, native promotion page or H5. The half screen landing page allows users to watch and buy without interruption, realizing the one-stop service from planting grass to buying, and helping brands achieve the transformation goals of product sales, clue collection, activity promotion and so on. Finally, relying on the ability of the video number to open up the multiple contacts of the wechat ecosystem, the original advertising of the video number can not only jump to the brand applet, but also add powder to the brand video number, or guide users to add enterprise wechat through the original promotion page, precipitate the private domain assets of the brand, and help long-term operation.
        It home learned that wechat had previously launched advertisements in the circle of friends, wechat articles and other places. In April this year, it also launched the "friends circle box advertisement". From the schematic diagram, we can see that the vivo fold, which was originally limited to playing in the video box, has gradually expanded beyond the frame, but it still seems to have the maximum limit. (source: it home). According to techcrunch, bad news about smartphone shipments has become the norm, not the exception, in recent years. This trend appeared long before the covid-19 pandemic, but it accelerated during the pandemic due to various economic and supply chain problems.
        The latest data released this morning by canalys, an analysis company, showed that global smartphone shipments fell 9% year-on-year in the second quarter. Analyst runarbjrhovde said that as the smartphone market outlook became more cautious, vendors reviewed their strategies in the second quarter. Due to the tight budget of consumers, they are more inclined to buy low-end mobile phones. The supply of middle-end mobile phones that exceed the demand has become the focus of manufacturers to adjust the release of new products. (source: Sina Technology). On July 18, qudian held a conference on the strategy of prefabricated dishes. Luo min, founder and CEO of qudian, said that in the future, qudian's cash loan business will gradually fade out and will fully invest in the prefabricated vegetable track.
        The capital and time invested by qudian in the race track "are not limited within the scope authorized by the board of directors". Luo Min said that the price of its prefabricated dishes will be 3-3.5% off the price of meals in mid-range restaurants, striving to earn only 1 yuan per dish. He said he could not spend too much money, even the interest, "so we don't have to worry about how much money we lose.". According to the financial report of qudian in the first quarter of 2022, the cash and cash equivalents on its account were 8.282 billion yuan, and its net assets reached 12.37 billion yuan. (source: Sohu Technology). July 18 news: on July 15, Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. applied for a patent for "image parameter generation method, device and storage medium of reproducible virtual characters".
        The patent specification shows that there are currently some role cultivation applications, through which users can adopt virtual characters, and then feed and dress up the virtual characters, so as to obtain the fun of raising virtual characters. In related technologies, the image of virtual roles adopted by users is fixed, and this way of generating virtual roles is relatively simple. In order to solve the problems in related technologies, the present disclosure provides a method, device and storage medium for generating image parameters of reproducible virtual characters. According to the introduction, the present disclosure can generate virtual characters with different images according to different gene sequences, that is, the image of the generated virtual characters is unpredictable, which increases the interest of generating virtual characters; We can also combine the virtual role generation method with blockchain technology, store the information of virtual roles with blockchain technology, and make use of the transparent and decentralized characteristics of blockchain technology to ensure that virtual roles are unique, cannot be copied and destroyed.
        (source: it home). Timothy chalame, zandaya, Rebecca Ferguson and other actors returned. The film is scheduled to be released in North America on November 17, 2023. It is reported that the film continues to be directed by Dennis Villeneuve, with Hans Zimmer's soundtrack. New members include Austin Butler (as Feder Lausa), Christopher woken (as padisha emperor shadam IV), Florence sper (as Princess irulan), Raya Sedu (as Lady Margo), and sohaila Jacob (as shishakli).
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