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Analysis on the trading limit of China Design on July 18: hot stocks of old reform concept in xiong'an New District of new urbanization

Time : 25/04/2022 Author : 75aduz Click : + -
        China design shares closed at a limit of 10.86 yuan. The stock rose by the daily limit at 10:1, but the daily limit was not opened. As of the closing, the sealed order capital was 41.1591 million yuan, accounting for 3.07% of its current market value. In terms of capital flow data, on July 18, the net inflow of main funds was 41.2565 million yuan, the net outflow of hot money funds was 21.4116 million yuan, and the net outflow of retail funds was 19.8449 million yuan. This stock is a hot stock of new urbanization, xiong'an new area and the old reform concept. On the same day, the new urbanization concept increased by 4.72%, xiong'an new area concept increased by 3.86%, and the old reform concept increased by 3.26%.
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