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Blockchain (I): start with point-to-point data transmission

Time : 10/11/2021 Author : mqz1cv Click : + -
        Nowadays, we can easily communicate through wechat and shop through Taobao thanks to the data transmission tcp/ip protocol of the network. Before the emergence of tcp/ip, every computer was an island of information and could not exchange any information. After the emergence of tcp/ip, it can be understood as creating a language for information exchange between computers. Different computers can exchange information through this language, just like human language, which has created a new era. Blockchain is very similar to tcp/ip. Blockchain came into being with bitcoin, which is the underlying technology of bitcoin. Nakamoto proposed in 2009 that bitcoin is intended to solve the problem of point-to-point money transmission. The extension of money transmission can be understood as the transmission of value, and the transmission of credit, such as the transmission of futures, insurance, asset certification and other value data, Compared with ordinary data transmission, it requires a more reliable, secure and tamper proof network protocol.
        We can make a hypothesis that if we only use tcp/ip network protocol to transmit money, for example, a transfers 100 yuan to B, and a transfers 100 yuan to C, tcp/ip protocol will not distinguish whether the 100 yuan has been transferred to B, which is the core problem that traditional data transmission protocols cannot solve: the problem of repeated payment; At the same time, we know that the essence of currency exchange is barter. How to ensure the trust relationship between the exchange parties under the point-to-point agreement, and how to ensure the trust relationship of the agreement (if the agreement itself is tampered with) with the participation of non third parties is also a problem that the current data transmission protocol cannot solve.
        The current solutions to the above problems are all through the participation of third parties, such as traditional banks, third-party payment companies, Alipay, etc., through the participation of third parties to control the problem of repeated payment, and the guarantee of third parties to solve the problems of mutual trust and transmission security. As mentioned earlier, blockchain is also intended to solve the problem of point-to-point monetary value transmission, so the core problem to be solved is the current problem solved by third-party banks and payment companies: repeated payment and trust between both parties. It is solved from the transmission protocol, so as to remove the participation of third-party institutions, and thus the decentralized protocol comes. Above, we can give a simple definition of blockchain: a point-to-point value transmission protocol, which has the characteristics of disintermediation, trust and tampering.
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