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A complete collection of various playing methods for rush buying, airdrop and blind box digital collections!

Time : 04/11/2021 Author : y8xeit Click : + -
        Since the outbreak of the overseas digital collection market, the domestic digital collection has gradually become hot, and the industry dominated by cultural and creative industries has ushered in new development opportunities. Many novices still don't know how to play with digital collections?. As the "ID card" of digital assets, a digital collection is a work of art, including paintings, audio, video, etc. the chain information, distribution quantity, number, circulation information, etc. are recorded behind each collection, which cannot be copied or tampered with. The digital collections issued by different platforms are distributed on different blockchains, such as Tencent's Zhixin chain, Alibaba's ant chain, Baidu's Baidu super chain,'s Zhizhen chain, as well as many tree map chains and international public chains that use platforms, including public chains and alliance chains. The chains used by each platform are different.
        Digital collections attract people with rarity, and rush buying is an inevitable way. Most digital collections are limited edition. Large platforms can't get the distribution price without rush buying. Rush buying generally has two forms. One is to get the quota of lottery, and you can get what you get; One is to rush to buy in order, the first to get. Airdrop is a way that most digital collection platforms in the market will use, that is, giving digital passes to designated users (blockchain addresses) and sending digital collections to users for free to improve their popularity. It is a classic marketing benefit. In reality, most of the blind boxes are peripheral, hand-made, daily necessities, electronic products and so on. It caters to the psychology of the public and pursues unknown stimulation.
        Once the blind box meets the corresponding lottery conditions, click to open the lottery immediately, and the lottery results have been generated and cannot be edited. Most of the digital collections are traded over the counter, and the market mechanism is not perfect. Not all platforms have a secondary market. The secondary market requires more qualifications. In principle, only gifts are allowed, and secondary sales are not allowed. The price will be much higher if purchased through the secondary market. Community is a powerful tool for mastering private domain traffic. The exchange of collections. The amount of community information is timely and powerful. After the platform is applied for registration, the relevant communities join, and a certain amount of funds are prepared in advance, you can enter the world of digital collections. Many platforms are building communities. There are collection announcements, which are known by group friends at the first time, so that it is easy to rush to buy.
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