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Blockchain concept stock group entry,Blockchain concept stocks are hot, and more than 10 shares such as easy to see shares rose by the limit

Time : 08/11/2021 Author : r8x54c Click : + -
        Recently, the state Internet Information Office (hereinafter referred to as "the state Internet Information Office") released the first batch of domestic blockchain information service filing numbers. This filing is widely regarded as a good signal for the blockchain industry. On the morning of April 1, blockchain concept stocks rose by the limit, with more than 10 shares including easy to see shares, Chenxin technology, gaoweida, precision information, Royal Bank shares, Kelan software, Sifang Jingchuang and so on rising by the limit. In this regard, Xiao Lei, a financial analyst, explained to the reporter of China Business Daily that the stock market is actually the most sensitive to concepts. As far as the blockchain concept alone is concerned, the value of speculation may be questionable, because blockchain, as an underlying technology, actually cannot generate business out of thin air. Unlike other concepts, blockchain must be carried on the basis of the original business. If the original business is not competitive, Blockchain cannot reverse the situation of enterprises, so the risk of hyping the concept of blockchain may be much greater than other concepts.
        The reporter noted that the companies that emerged in the first batch of blockchain filing list or their shareholders involved a number of listed companies such as easy to see shares, Annie shares, Hang Seng electronics, etc. In the afternoon of March 30, China Netcom released the announcement of the state Internet Information Office on publishing the filing numbers of the first batch of domestic blockchain information services (hereinafter referred to as "the document"). The document shows that a total of 197 filing entities in the first batch have obtained filing numbers. In February this year, the regulations on the management of blockchain information services (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") was officially implemented, and the state cyberspace office organized the filing and review work in accordance with the law and regulations. It is also mentioned in the document that blockchain information service providers should indicate their filing number in prominent places such as Internet websites and applications that provide services externally.
        These include blockchain works information deposit certificate and public welfare points deposit certificate provided by iqiyi (Beijing iqiyi Technology Co., Ltd.), Baidu blockchain engine BBE, super chain and totem provided by Beijing Baidu Netcom Technology Co., Ltd., chain signing provided by Beijing Jingdong Zhenshi Information Technology Co., Ltd., ant blockchain baas platform provided by ant blockchain Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Lufax blockchain provided by Shanghai lufax Internet Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. In an interview with reporters, Xiao Lei said: "blockchain technology is still in the background research and development stage. At present, it is the world of venture capital. In other words, no one knows what kind of blockchain applications can obtain large-scale recognition in the final market. In fact, as long as there is the concept of blockchain, everyone is willing to pay attention to it.
        From the perspective of policy, we will not give up any emerging industrial technology, but the purpose of filing is, on the one hand, to regulate the market, study and formulate the standards for the operation of blockchain in the later stage, and on the other hand, to protect intellectual property rights. ". Although the document emphasizes that the filing is only the registration of the information services related to the main blockchain, it does not represent the recognition of its institutions, products and services, and no institutions or individuals may be used for any commercial purposes. "In the follow-up, the wechat department will work with relevant departments to supervise and inspect the subject of filing according to the administrative provisions, and urge the subject that has not been filed to fulfill the obligation of filing as soon as possible. Relevant institutions and individuals that have not yet fulfilled the filing procedures are requested to apply for filing as soon as possible.
        ”However, many experts and people in the blockchain industry told reporters that this filing is indeed of great significance to the development of the blockchain industry. The reporter saw that Shanghai Wanxiang blockchain Co., Ltd. also appeared in the first batch of domestic blockchain information service filing list. Xiao Feng, chairman and CEO of Wanxiang blockchain, told our reporter: "filing (completing blockchain information service) is a requirement of laws and regulations, and it should and must be done.". Xiao SA, a partner of Beijing Dacheng Law Firm, believes that in recent years, the blockchain industry has experienced ups and downs, from "sudden wealth" to "defeat Waterloo" and then to "blowing all the crazy sand to gold". Blockchain is increasingly used in national institutions and large Internet enterprises, and various innovative application modes are gradually being implemented.
        Blockchain is gradually recognized in the fields of economy and finance, legal services and social credit construction. It can be said that blockchain is showing the disruptive power of a new generation of technology with its advantages of openness, transparency and tamperability. China has always attached great importance to the development and innovation of blockchain, and various supportive and regulatory policies emerge in endlessly. A series of actions, such as the filing and review work carried out by the national Internet Information Office on individuals of blockchain related institutions, are releasing positive information, and take a positive attitude towards the prospects of the industry. Mazhaofeng, director of the Joint Laboratory of blockchain and security technology at Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, said that the regulation of the blockchain industry involves many aspects.
        "In my opinion, it mainly involves two aspects: first, it is to prevent potential financial risks. For example, in September 2017, seven ministries and commissions of the state issued a document banning all kinds of token issuance and financing activities, and further clarified a series of contents related to digital asset issuance and trading in 2018. Second, it is to supervise the blockchain based on relevant information content. Once unconfirmed or unauthorized information is released to the global public chain, one In general, it is a permanent and irreversible problem. If the relevant content involves information such as ideology, privacy infringement or malicious purposes, due to the characteristics of blockchain, such as tamperability, inability to delete or withdraw, improper information on the chain may cause irreversible harm to society, individuals and groups.
        Therefore, the audit and filing plays a very important and positive role in blockchain technology application, social governance and industry supervision. ". It is noteworthy that the TAS blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability platform of Hainan Chengpin blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. is also on the list of the first batch of filing. In this regard, Wang Pengfei, the founder of traceability chain, told reporters that he had submitted the filing application to the state cyberspace office years ago. From the perspective of self-discipline, there are many problems in terms of information security because of the characteristics of blockchain distributed storage. Compliance is a necessary prerequisite for the growth and development of blockchain, so traceability chain actively applied for filing. Zhang Feng, a lawyer at Beijing Jinchengtongda (Shanghai) law firm, also said: "the measures for the administration of Internet information services previously formulated by the State Council are mainly aimed at traditional Internet formats. In today's blockchain discourse, they are aimed at some centrally operated companies or websites.
        However, blockchain is decentralized and distributed, so there may be some disputes. For example, the chain is not run by a single institution or organization, and the institution is only one of the nodes, which may be controversial in terms of legal accountability. But now the "management regulations" issued by the state cyberspace office further defines the corresponding responsibilities that all parties need to bear in content supervision, such as technology providers, application providers, node operators, etc. that require filing. ". Chenyunfeng, senior partner of zhonglunwende law firm, told reporters that the "management regulations" is the first regulation to regulate the application of blockchain technology, and it is also the first compliance supervision attempt of blockchain projects in China.
        For relevant practitioners, filing, truthful disclosure and compliant operation in accordance with the provisions are the right way. For the relevant regulatory authorities, the filing and review in accordance with the administrative provisions is the first step to establish a blockchain project compliance supervision system, which is of great significance to promote the healthy development of the blockchain industry.
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