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Yinchuan, Ningxia: pilot launch of "blockchain + garbage classification" multi-party linkage mode

Time : 13/06/2021 Author : h9ku6s Click : + -
        Yinchuan city of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region recently issued the pilot implementation plan of Yinchuan city's "blockchain + garbage classification" multi-party linkage model, introducing the "blockchain" into the domestic garbage classification work, upgrading the existing domestic garbage classification work in residential areas, and opening up new ideas for garbage classification work. Residential area is the difficulty and key point of domestic waste classification. In order to further improve the awareness rate, participation rate, coverage rate and reduction rate of domestic waste classification in Yinchuan, and improve the fine management level of domestic waste classification in the city, Yinchuan has formulated the pilot implementation plan of "blockchain + waste classification" multi-party linkage mode in Yinchuan, which upgrades the domestic waste classification work in existing residential areas, and links relevant departments, streets, communities, property service enterprises and merchants, In the way of "Online + offline", build "green collection houses" for domestic waste classification, promote regular and fixed-point recycling, and demonstrate the creation of a, B, and C three-level "green owner" system. Residents can obtain the qualification of "green owner" by correctly classifying and placing domestic waste (residents can take photos and upload them to the "green owner group" of the community), and get points to consume in the "waste classification green merchants" around the community, And continue to get green points (1 point =1 yuan) as a reward.
        Green points can be used not only for shopping, but also for paying property service fees, parking fees and utilities, which greatly stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of community residents to participate in domestic waste classification. The relevant person in charge said that the multi-party linkage mode of "blockchain + garbage classification" has truly achieved the goal of "letting the government see achievements, residents get benefits, and businesses develop healthily" through government leadership, enterprise and business participation, and residents interaction. Since the implementation of the "blockchain + Green owner" model, the Yinchuan municipal household waste classification leading group office has jointly established a publicity team and a team of volunteer supervisors with the district household waste classification offices and operating enterprises. In the early stage, the owner's opinions were widely solicited, and the residents were introduced to the operation processes such as how to register "green owners", obtain green points, and deduct points, so as to guide the residents to correctly classify and release household waste, Popularize household waste classification knowledge to merchants and guide merchants to register as "green merchants of waste classification".
        At the same time, actively mobilize social enterprises, give full play to corporate social responsibility, regularly organize and carry out excellent "green owners" selection, Knowledge Q & A and other activities, and give free vegetables, milk and so on to "green owners" with high participation rate and high accuracy rate. At present, Yinchuan has implemented the "blockchain + Green owners" model in 21 communities such as fuxingyuan and caiyunjiayuan, guided 78 merchants such as convenience stores and fruit and vegetable stores around the community to register "garbage classification green merchants", and developed more than 14000 "green owners". In the next step, Yinchuan will solicit opinions and suggestions from residents, merchants, property service enterprises and other parties in combination with the promotion situation, and gradually promote the "blockchain + Green owner" model in the city, so as to improve the enthusiasm and initiative of citizens to participate in domestic waste classification.
        In midsummer, the heat is unbearable. Every household's air conditioner began to turn on and off again, and the cool and gentle wind made the room comfortable. Whenever I feel the coolness brought by the air conditioner, I can't help thinking of the scene of summer heat dissipation in my childhood. Yuehe historical and cultural block is one of the most complete and largest existing areas in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, which can best reflect the residential and cultural characteristics of Jiangnan water towns. The Gucheng river runs from Xili bridge to Beili bridge. Its water hugs the city and bends like the moon, so it is named Yuehe river. There are a large number of traditional businesses and intangible cultural heritage in the block, which is an important window to carry forward and inherit Jiaxing's traditional culture. On the afternoon of July 20, the Department of planning, finance and foreign affairs of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the Swiss Agency for development cooperation held the second meeting of the steering committee of China Switzerland zero carbon construction project.
        Recently, the national on-site meeting on the promotion of the special rectification of self built housing safety was held. All regions and departments made every effort to promote the "100 day action", actively carried out the investigation and rectification of commercial self built housing, and achieved phased results. Recently, it was learned from the gas special class office of Heilongjiang province that from now on to the end of October, Heilongjiang Province will carry out the "100 day action" to investigate and rectify urban gas safety, focus on solving the hidden dangers of gas safety in public places such as the catering industry, further establish and improve the working mechanism, strive to improve the intrinsic safety level of the gas industry, resolutely hold the red line bottom line of gas safety, and effectively safeguard the safety of people's lives and property and social stability.
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