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The monthly active users of the commercial blockchain game "aglet" have reached 3.5 million

Time : 21/03/2022 Author : 65ni4r Click : + -
        According to VentureBeat, the monthly active users of the commercial blockchain game "aglet", developed by onlife, a game developer of metauniverse, have reached 3.5 million. This is an online world for "sneaker lovers". "Aglet" is built on web2 and extended to Web3 by selling NFT. On the Web3 platform, sneaker enthusiasts will be able to buy cool sneakers that are difficult to buy in reality. "When we announced the launch of" aglet "NFT, this game broke out," said Mullins, CEO of onlife. "Aglet ranked first in the list of Japanese applications for two consecutive weeks, with 3.5 million monthly active users.
        ”。 "Aglet" supports players to buy virtual sneakers or earn points by walking to exchange. "Aglet" is similar to "pokemongo". Its mechanism combines virtual world and physical reality, and can walk around the real world to collect rare virtual sneakers. "Obviously," Mullins said, "we believe that the growth of game revenue comes from the ’ movetoearn‘ and ’ walktoearn‘ models, which makes games more popular.". Mullins pointed out that "aglet" is booming. It was originally a game. After more than two years, it has established a player community and introduced NFT. Finally, the platform will launch tokens according to the actual economic behavior of players.
        Onlife completed a financing of $4.5 million in December 2020. Although it did not disclose the scale of the latest round of financing, the company said that it had completed a financing of $24million so far. Onlife's ultimate mission is to create a more creative and interesting world by coordinating online and real life.
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