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My world announced that it does not support blockchain and NFT

Time : 18/02/2022 Author : dv3htm Click : + -
        DoNews news on July 21 (Liu Wenxuan) mojang, who created the minecraft game, announced that due to the scarcity and exclusive characteristics of non-fungibletoken (NFT), it does not conform to the guidelines for the use of the game. Therefore, my world is neither prepared to integrate blockchain technology nor support NFT. Mojang is now Microsoft's asset. Microsoft bought mojang for $2.5 billion in 2014 and also launched an educational version of my world. Mojang pointed out that in the "my world" user guide, the access management regulations that can be implemented by the server owner are established, requiring all players to access the same functions. These Regulations are to ensure that "my world" is a community where everyone can access the same content.
        However, the scarcity and exclusivity brought by NFT violate the guidelines and spirit of the game. Therefore, in order to make the players of my world have a safe and inclusive experience, the client and server applications of my world prohibit the integration of blockchain technology, covering the world, shapes, objects or other modules in the game. Mojang explained that the digital ownership established by using NFT or any blockchain technology is based on scarcity and exclusivity, which is not in line with the creative inclusion of my world or the values of playing together, and NFT even created a scene of rich and poor. The speculation and investment mentality around NFT has also shifted players' attention from games to making profits, which violates the purpose of "my world" to bring long-term happiness and success to players.
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