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Major mobile phone brands compete to release blockchain mobile phones. Li Xiaolai and Wang Xin are ready to invest heavily?

Time : 27/08/2021 Author : dzfjnp Click : + -
        First of all, I'd like to share my communication with a person some time ago. The cause of the story is that a student who studies it technology may have just entered the campus and listened to other seniors promote this language and that language. So he was very confused and confused about the future, so he asked in the group: which technology in the IT industry is more promising. At that time, c++ and Java were always discussed in the group. At this time, Xiaobian bubbled that blockchain has a good prospect. As long as you can learn it well, you won't have to worry about not working. Some people in the group said: Java can guarantee absolute employment, but if you want to block the chain of school districts, it is to fight for your own future. If you don't spell it right, you can only waste time learning other knowledge.
        But Xiaobian doesn't think so. Just like when big data first came out, many people said so, but now that big data has developed, many large companies are recruiting talents in this field, and not a few small companies. Now it's blockchain. Although many people are not optimistic about blockchain, this technology is indeed in line with the overall situation. It can also be said that the future blockchain world is unstoppable. Even if virtual currency will not develop in the future, this technology will not decline!. Xiaobian spit out so much, but also to lead to today's theme: blockchain mobile phones. So what is blockchain mobile phone? Can it be mined, distributed in the form of blockchain, or can some information in the mobile phone be shared like an address if you use this mobile phone (of course, these information will not be private)? Next, Xiaobian will show you about it.
        In January this year, candy mobile officially released a blockchain mobile phone of candy genesis. On March 16 of the same year, Changhong Mobile released R8 Kirin, which claimed to be the world's first blockchain mobile phone. Then on March 20, Lenovo Mobile released its new S5. At the press conference, it said that this is also a blockchain mobile phone. More than that, I believe many people are paying attention to the trend of Wang Xin, Some time ago, the Internet also exposed the news that Nora is about to make mobile phones. Isn't grey always looking forward to it. Let's take a look at the previous blockchain mobile phones. The official description of candy mobile phones is to cooperate with virtual currency etherfog. Changhong R8 kylin said it was a product specially developed for unicorn, and what is unicorn? To put it simply, this is a mining service.
        So no matter Changhong or candy mobile phones, they have been sold under the name of blockchain. In the final analysis, they just make a mobile phone with mining technology. Let's think about it carefully. This so-called blockchain mobile phone actually feels useless. What kind of mine can a mobile phone dig? Mining requires a huge amount of computation. Mining with a mobile phone can earn electricity charges for a mobile phone day and night. Recently, it is also rumored that Li Xiaolai is engaged in blockchain mobile phones. On May 12, he tweeted, "the logic is clear: bitcoin trusted account book; Ethereum /eos: trusted code; what's the next step? Theoretically, it should be: trusted device …" This trusted device is most likely a blockchain mobile phone.
        Li Xiaolai's words have always been a beacon for investors, so does this mean that blockchain mobile phones will be vigorously developed in the future? And is Li Xiaolai ready for another big event?. The development direction of blockchain technology is indeed broad. If blockchain mobile phones are implemented, major mobile phone companies will certainly not be willing to lag behind and develop better ones. This also confirms what I said above that blockchain technology will not decline. If readers are still hesitant about what to learn, after reading this article, there should also be a preliminary idea.
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