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[Loudi City] "blockchain + government" is deeply integrated, and "smart city" is built on the "chain"

Time : 12/08/2021 Author : b0349f Click : + -
        Recently, Loudi comprehensively launched the municipal level blockchain real estate registration electronic certificate, including the "real estate property right certificate" and the "real estate registration certificate", which has the same legal effect as the paper version. Citizens can directly use the electronic voucher of the real estate block chain to understand the housing registration information and real-time status online, such as mortgage, seizure, etc., and there is no need to go to the window to issue an inquiry certificate. Relying on the blockchain information sharing platform built by the application of blockchain technology, Loudi connects the data mutual recognition of 7 departments, 13 banks and 3 companies in the real estate field, and gradually achieves the effects of the whole process of registration, the hourly completion of bank receipts, the integrated management of provident fund approval, the simultaneous handling of water and electricity transfer and real estate registration transfer, which is very convenient for the masses.
        At present, 520000 houses and 1.1 million registration businesses have been linked in the city, 180000 blockchain electronic licenses have been issued in total, and the synchronization of water and electricity transfer has been realized. Loudi adheres to the development of blockchain industry, insists on promoting the implementation of blockchain technology application scenarios in the field of government services, and makes an all-round effort to build a blockchain smart city. At present, Loudi has successfully launched more than 10 characteristic application scenarios such as "financial data service integrated platform", "blockchain civil affairs comparison platform" and "real estate information sharing platform", and blockchain applications in steel energy, supply chain and other industries are being deployed. Among them, the urban data infrastructure service platform that enables the digital transformation of the government has completed the collection and sharing of 26million government data from more than 30 municipal departments, which will effectively promote and deepen the reform of "running at most once" after its implementation.
        In view of the continuous high incidence of telecom network fraud, the diversity of crime forms, the difficulties in obtaining evidence and the low detection rate, Loudi proposed the application of blockchain technology to create an anti fraud collaborative warfare platform. Through the combination of telecom network operators, banks, utilities, basic data and other departments and institutions, a huge and efficient collaborative network is formed to improve the depth and breadth of the control and inspection network and achieve precise attack. The platform has been developed and is steadily advancing. In February this year, Loudi Wanbao new area was approved as the first provincial blockchain Industrial Park in China. With the continuous upgrading of blockchain technology and R & D platforms, and the cultivation and incubation of innovative enterprises, Loudi is promoting the extensive application of technological innovation achievements in all fields of market economy, constantly improving the blockchain ecological service system, and achieving the goals of enriching the people through the network, benefiting the people through information, and serving the people conveniently.
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