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Why blockchain is safe,Why is blockchain safe?

Time : 09/05/2022 Author : 5i39nj Click : + -
        Okex is one of the world's famous digital asset trading platforms, which mainly provides global users with currency and derivatives trading services for digital assets such as bitcoin, Wright coin, Ethereum, etc. Constantly improve and upgrade products and services according to users' suggestions and needs, and serve every customer better and better. Imagine if an attacker wants to change the chain by changing the transaction five blocks ago. If they tamper with the block, the hash value of the block will change. Then the attacker must change the pointer from the next block to the changed block, and then change the hash value of the next block... This will continue until the end of the chain. This means that the farther the block is behind the chain, the greater the resistance to its change.
        In fact, the attacker must simulate the hash capability of the entire network to the front of the chain. However, when the attacker attempts to attack, the chain continues to move forward. If the attacker's hash value is lower than the rest of the chain (. < 50%), they will always catch up and never produce the longest chain. Therefore, this type of blockchain can resist attacks, where the attacker's hash value is less than 50%. When attackers have 51% hash value, they can rewrite the network history with a valid transaction list. This is because they can recalculate the hash value of any block sort faster than other parts of the network, so they can finally guarantee a longer chain.
        The main danger of 51% attacks is the possibility of double spending. This simply means that an attacker can buy an item and indicate that they have paid with any number of confirmations on the blockchain. Once they receive the item, they can reorder the blockchain so that it does not include sending transactions, thereby obtaining a refund. Even if the attacker owns >. With a hash value of 50%, the attacker can only cause so much damage. They cannot do things such as transferring money from the victim's account to their account or printing more coins. This is because all transactions are handled by accounts?? Account owners sign, so even if they control the entire network, they cannot forge account signatures.
        Yes, yes, yes. What's your comment on this answer? Comments put away the hot comments and point of view aggregation. 2020-03-29· Baidu authentication: the official account of Shanghai Botao Education Technology Development Co., Ltd. asks TA questions and pays attention to it all, because each block contains its own hash value and the hash value of the previous block. Changing a hash value will invalidate the rest of the blockchain.
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