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Wusijin, CEO of complex beauty: complex beauty, which attaches importance to technological innovation, should be Huawei in the blockchain field?

Time : 13/10/2021 Author : 6kjelt Click : + -
        "The biggest value of blockchain lies in breaking the monopoly of centralized real economy by means of decentralization; allowing more entrepreneurship and innovation to emerge, and bringing more low-cost convenience to people's lives.". Before the army moves, patents go first. As the patent war intensifies in the field of science and technology, the value of patents for emerging blockchain technologies is also being recognized. Relevant enterprises gradually promote the implementation of their applications through the layout of patents on the blockchain, so as to obtain the strategic commanding height in technology and market competition. Based on the latest statistics of the number of de winter patent families, complex beauty is currently in the first tier of patent families in the blockchain field; The number of patent families is the third in the world, second only to Alibaba and IBM.
        According to the data analysis of information service provider Kerui Weian, there are only 9 enterprises in the world that are located in the first tier of the dewant patent family (with more than 100 patent families). Alibaba is the only one with 290 patent families; In the second place is the traditional giant IBM, which also has 190 blockchain patent families. Followed by Hangzhou complex beauty technology, which ranks third in the world. In addition, Chinese companies now account for 80% of the top 10 blockchain patent families, with IBM and nchain remaining. On the other hand, judging from the annual application volume of blockchain patents, whether in 2018, the peak of application volume, or the first half of this year, complex beauty still has good performance.
        Cointegraph previously reported that blockchain technology patent applications have entered the growth stage, and the number of applications exceeds that of other technologies. Although the domestic layout is slightly later than that of the world, it is also changing with each passing day. In 2018, the number of domestic blockchain patent applications reached 5606, and traditional technology companies, bat and other Internet companies have accelerated their layout in the blockchain field. Alibaba, complex beauty technology, Ping An technology, China Unicom, Baidu, Tencent, and netheart technology under Xunlei group all ranked among the top 10 in annual patent applications. After the rush in 2018, the patent layout in the blockchain field has gradually entered the final stage, but the real applications are still rare; In the first half of 2019, blockchain patent applications began to cool down.
        According to the patent search engine innojoy, the number of blockchain patent applications in China in the first half of 2019 was only 909, accounting for only 16.2% of the 5606 in the whole year last year. Among them, there are only 12 patent applications for Alibaba blockchain and 7 for Tencent; The largest number of applications is China Unicom, with 50. Secondly, Ping An technology, complex beauty, netheart technology and Baidu ranked 2-5 with 27, 25, 23 and 20 applications respectively. "Why do you always have a special preference for applying for patents ‘? Do you have a deeper understanding of intellectual property protection or what stories have been affected by it?" "Both.
        ”When invited to participate in the online sharing of ear finance, the reporter of ear Finance raised the above questions to Wu Sijin, CEO of complex beauty. Wusijin responded and added: "My father used to be a pilot. After he retired from the army and finished college, he became a mechanical engineer and wrote four invention patents in the automotive field. Later, he earned a lot of money through patent transfer, which supported my college. At the same time, with the continuous operation of the enterprise, I gradually realized the importance of intellectual property rights to an enterprise, so I have always attached great importance to patents.". In 2013, after contacting the blockchain industry, Wu Sijin began to invest in digital currency and made some money.
        At that time, considering that if the private key was lost, the digital currency could not be retrieved, he began to write an invention patent of "wallet retrieval" in 2014. This is a patent that can retrieve digital currency through another private key when the private key is lost; Although the authority of the other private key is relatively small, it can still retrieve the digital currency. With the authorization of the first invention patent in the blockchain field in December 2017, Wu Sijin and complex beauty technology began a vast journey of patent application. At present, complex beauty has applied for more than 200 invention patents of blockchain technology, and many of them have been authorized.
        Complex beauty was founded in 2008 and started R & D and innovation in blockchain and smart contracts in 2013. Wu Sijin told ear Finance: "I and the complex beauty team should be the first batch of people to study blockchain technology in China, and most of the later blockchain technology practitioners should have entered in about 17 years and 18 years.". At that time, his life had been well-off, and there was no need to start a business desperately. However, after gradually deepening the research on blockchain technology, Wu Sijin realized that this would have immeasurable value for the future, and even change everyone's lifestyle. Therefore, after continuous investment, complex beauty is the first batch of domestic enterprises that continue to cultivate blockchain technology.
        "As for why I came into contact with blockchain, it is still because of the sharp rise of bitcoin in 2013. This matter inadvertently attracted my attention, so I made some investments and earned about ten times, and later some hundred times and thousand times also participated." When sharing online in ear finance, Wu Sijin recalled. The surge in wealth did not make Wu Sijin lose himself in the frenzied speculation for profits, but greatly touched his cognition, prompting him to further study blockchain technology and its great impact on business and people's lives in the future. In 2013, blockchain was still a completely unfamiliar term for most people, and governments and business giants at all levels were in a state of ignorance and total insensitivity to blockchain technology; Even a few people who have this knowledge have only heard of bitcoin and other digital currencies.
        "The relatives and friends around me also don't understand, thinking that they were making ‘ game currency ’ related things at that time." Wu Sijin told ear finance that he was in the situation when he first stepped into the blockchain field. In such an environment, wusijin still preaches the concept of blockchain everywhere and develops business for complex beauty. Through five years of independent research and development, complex beauty has finally developed chain33 blockchain system; And with modularity, pluggable, easy to upgrade and parallel public chain and other technical highlights, it provides technical services for enterprises that need to go up the chain. This greatly reduces the development cost of blockchain, and even enables developers to deploy their own blockchain at "zero cost".
        The high development cost of public chain system and the cost of personnel team make many development teams in the industry shy away from public chain; The continuous technology investment of complex beauty accelerates the landing and application of blockchain technology. In these five years, Wu Sijin has witnessed the development of the domestic blockchain industry, from a spark to a prairie fire. He is also more convinced that blockchain will realize a decentralized world in the future, so as to break the monopoly of centralized institutions at this stage, so that every individual and group can realize value and obtain more fair opportunities. Parallel chain is a highlight of chain33. Chain33 is the first in the industry to put forward the concept of "parallel chain" and realize the development and application of public chain system.
        It is a blockchain built on the basis of the main chain. Therefore, parallel chain is not a simple "DAPP application", but has its own independent blockchain ecosystem. By using the consensus of the main chain and combining the API and SDK of the open platform, the parallel chain can develop its own application chain, which is very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises that need to establish their own business ecosystem. In terms of composition, the parallel chain is composed of multiple chains with chain33 at the bottom; The main chain is responsible for transaction clearing, while the smart contract and virtual machine are separated from the main chain and placed on the parallel chain for independent execution. The coexistence of multiple parallel chains can greatly improve the computing efficiency of blockchains, and the interconnection between parallel chains is realized through the main chain.
        In addition, transactions in parallel chains are verified and proofread by their own nodes, which will not affect the main chain. The main chain will ensure the safety and stability of parallel chains, and open space for each parallel chain to store data; All data is stored and agreed on the main chain, and the parallel chain is only responsible for execution. Therefore, the data on the main chain is the most authoritative and complete, and the parallel chain is attached to the main chain, while maintaining relative independence, thus building the entire blockchain network ecosystem. Each parallel chain is an independent blockchain ecosystem, and users can build parallel chains by themselves according to the documents provided. You can write a variety of smart contracts, create your own independent wallets, browsers, dapps, issue digital passes, deploy super nodes, and even develop and connect with other dapps, which has strong expansibility.
        After five years of development, since the open source in November, 2018, chain33 parallel chain has submitted more than 8000 codes on GitHub open source community, which has been recognized by many partners. At present, chain33 parallel chain has been followed up by Alibaba, Baidu, 360 and other institutions; At the same time, it has also reached a cooperation with Microsoft and posted on the recommendation page of Microsoft cloud, which means that more users can access chain33 more easily. In the field of supply chain finance, at present, many parts manufacturers directly send the goods to the core enterprises, and then the core enterprises write a blank note and pay cash to him after almost three months.
        Then the manufacturer took the white bar and bought other accessories, so the white bar circulated in the whole supply chain. If you combine white bars and blockchain, it is easy to find the original core enterprise through the traceability of blockchain technology. At this time, the circulation of "blockchain white bars" will be more unimpeded; Because its value is clear and fixed, and it is believed that it can be put forward eventually. Even "blockchain white bars" can be used to buy many other things, such as eating and taking a taxi, and finally gradually form a closed loop. Future enterprises or individuals can also issue their own "blockchain white notes". As long as they can anchor its value, they can trace its value support by using blockchain technology.
        At this time, the "blockchain white note" is equivalent to money, but the issuer is different. At the same time, it also has the advantage of being easy to distinguish the true from the false, while the original currency does not have this function; Although the currency previously issued with national credit has the public power to ensure its authenticity, there will still be counterfeit banknotes. Next, we will find that gold, silver, copper and iron, houses, cars, ordinary mineral water, or their warehouse receipts on the blockchain can be used as a currency equivalent and a medium of exchange, which will greatly reduce the dependence on the use of money. It used to be necessary to mortgage the goods to the bank to obtain a loan, but now the warehouse receipt of the goods in the chain can be directly paid to the other party as money; At the same time, it can also be divided, which makes it more convenient to flow out.
        Warehouse receipts can be passed down level by level, forming a very good cooperative relationship in the whole supply chain. The demand for the use of funds has been greatly reduced, and there is no need to pay the loan interest to the bank. In the future, as long as there are assets, barter can be carried out. Finally, everyone can exchange things on the blockchain. The complex and beautiful parallel chain architecture provides various applications: such as automobiles, household appliances, agricultural products, artworks, catering, etc. all kinds of service providers will gradually issue their own "blockchain white notes". From another perspective, these services are also assets, which can be exchanged. And expand to the transaction of creditor's rights, and link all participants through this way of value circulation.
        At the same time, the participants compete with each other. Whoever can meet the needs of customers can obtain the maximum income, instead of relying on monopoly to obtain income; This will greatly stimulate the innovation ability of enterprises and form a virtuous circle. Money will not be necessary and will gradually be diluted, and each participant will not need to pay additional fees. For the understanding of the blockchain industry, Wu Sijin further told ear finance and economics that the great value of blockchain is similar, which provides a decentralized financial tool for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals. With the help of blockchain, every enterprise can build a decentralized e-commerce system in the future, making production, payment, sales and other links more secure and flexible.
        In addition, when it comes to data, more and more people will pay attention to the data value precipitated by the exchange of goods in the future. Through blockchain technology, people will gradually break the monopoly of financial institutions and centralized Internet giants on personal and enterprise data, so that everyone and every enterprise can control all their data.
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