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Cooper blockchain technology made a special display for China UnionPay

Time : 10/05/2022 Author : lq0h59 Click : + -
        On June 4, Chen Lei, executive vice president of China UnionPay and chairman of UnionPay venture capital, led a team to visit jiaozi fintech center to investigate the innovation progress of Chengdu jiaozi fintech center. Chen Lei and his party listened to the development of blockchain industrial agglomeration innovation of Jiaozi fintech center, focused on the research and application achievements of Jiaozi fintech center, and visited the settled enterprises. Chen Lei encouraged to continue to speed up the key technologies of blockchain and promote the construction and development of blockchain technology in Sichuan Province. Chen Lei said that blockchain, as the core leading technology of online new economy and new digital infrastructure, will be the core new infrastructure for building an interconnected digital society. He hoped that blockchain Research Institute would continue to increase the innovative research and development of blockchain technology and technological breakthrough, play a guiding role in promoting the construction and development of blockchain in Sichuan Province, and use blockchain as the carrier to help the development of Chengdu Chongqing dual city economic circle and new economy.
        Cooper technology, as a leading enterprise in the southwest blockchain industry, presented the achievements of Cooper's exploration of blockchain technology application scenarios to Chen Lei and his delegation in this event. There are many applications of blockchain in the field of supply chain finance. The white paper on the development of blockchain financial applications jointly prepared by the Financial Technology Research Institute of industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the trusted blockchain promotion plan also clearly lists supply chain finance as the first typical application scenario in the field of blockchain finance. In Cooper's view, blockchain technology can build an efficient trust connection for both ends of the industrial chain, help build a multi-party supply chain ecosystem, so as to realize the industrial collaborative integration and value empowerment of financial technology, and help the development of supply chain finance to a new level.
        Cooper technology believes that blockchain technology has the characteristics of disintermediation, consensus mechanism, openness, transparency and tamperability of transactions. With the continuous progress of blockchain technology and the combination with other technology and finance, blockchain technology is expected to gradually adapt to the application of large-scale financial scenarios, and traditional banks need blockchain to inject new vitality into it.
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