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What is the intention of "blockchain" in the night before 5g business?

Time : 13/06/2021 Author : 97qk42 Click : + -
        Blockchain is very popular today, and almost all concept stocks have risen by the limit! Blockchain is so popular that I, a technology white, can't sleep, so I decided to stay up late to study. Now it seems that the US President TLP spit about digital currency some time ago, is a smoke bomb! I hope to anesthetize us and work secretly behind us! Obviously, their plot did not succeed. Our company threw us a big flare, which made us all see the importance of blockchain. 2. Or there is a simpler saying, "it is a database storage system that is distributed all over the world and can work together". The first two definitions are found online, and the last one is my own definition according to my understanding.
        Next, I'll straighten out the three characteristics of blockchain according to my personal understanding:. 1. Blockchain is decentralized. Theoretically, companies or individuals who join the blockchain can obtain all data in a fair and timely manner; What will this feature change? I think "what" in the world "It will change because of this! We can obtain data very easily, and it is the same as the data obtained by officials and enterprises! The information gap has completely disappeared, and any company that relies on information difference to make profits will lose value; any management behavior and influence behavior relying on information barriers will lose significance; on the other hand, because the data is synchronous, any data node can support the industry independently Services and services will greatly improve the efficiency of the whole society! " The world is flat ", such a society may become a reality due to the development of" blockchain ".
        2. The historical data of the blockchain cannot be changed, because the blockchain is a distributed data system, and the data obtained by each node is the same. Therefore, once the data is released, it will be difficult to recover. Just like you cannot withdraw it after 2 minutes of wechat, once the data in the blockchain is synchronized, no one has the ability to change it. This means that we will usher in a true, honest and self-discipline network society, where all rumors will have nowhere to hide, and all achievements will be remembered; All problems will also be fed back in real time. The database we built is a database with countless backups, so we don't have to worry about data loss at all.
        3. Blockchain must be a connected communication network. Without communication and networking, there will be no blockchain! This is easy to understand. If a distributed database is to be established, it depends on two points:. The first is to obtain data and jointly build data, which involves the progress of the Internet of things and sensor technology, because the core of blockchain is to obtain some data that are difficult to be obtained in real time manually, such as environmental data, machine loss data, etc., and to identify the authenticity of some data. For example, many users provide data for a person's height, which is 1.70m for group A, 1.68m for group B, and 1.65m for group C, We can make a correct judgment on the height of this person according to the data of three groups;.
        The second is to connect and synchronize data, which depends on the development of communication technology. Why blockchain became a hot topic when 5g came? It is because without 5g, there is no interconnection of everything. Without interconnection of everything, these distributed databases have little practical significance. For an intuitive example, when we catch criminals now, we usually send a reward announcement on the Internet, tell the person's appearance and other information, and then someone finds it and reports it. With the blockchain, not only people can report cases, but also machines can report cases. Which camera finds this person, or where the air in the area has this person's unique flavor, we can find him at the first time.
        It is reported that the three major operators will all use 5g for commercial use on October 31. It is no coincidence that such a popular "blockchain" suddenly appeared on the eve of 5g commercial use! Since 5g licensing, we have been worried about the commercialization of 5g, and blockchain seems to have created many application scenarios for us! And every scenario needs strong support from 5g network. Perhaps, for operators, blockchain may be the future of 5g commercialization! When 5g is officially commercial, blockchain is the horn of 5g development and the first impetus for 5g construction.
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