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What is blockchain? Maybe it's an opportunity to start a business. What do you think (27)

Time : 06/07/2021 Author : fnt1vz Click : + -
        Jack Ma said that blockchain is not a foam, and bitcoin today is a foam. Bitcoin is just a small application of the block, but I think it looks like this. First, we don't have a deep understanding and understanding of blockchain technology. Blockchain is not a huge gold mine. Blockchain must be a solution, a solution to privacy and security in the era of data. Today, many people who enter blockchain think it is something to make money in the future. That's basically over. Ma Yun means that many people think so, and they have entered a misunderstanding. In fact, blockchain is just a technology on the Internet. Today's blockchain technology, bitcoin, has become a concept and money making. In fact, it is a pity that we believe that blockchain technology has little to do with money. Blockchain technology has a great impact on the future of human society, beyond everyone's imagination. Blockchain is not a gold mine, but a solution to privacy, security and credit problems in the data age. What is blockchain? Many previous issues have been introduced, so I won't talk about it here.
        Some people say that blockchain technology can subvert the world, but it seems premature to maintain it. Blockchain alone is not enough to subvert the world. Blockchain can solve some problems, but there are more problems that blockchain cannot solve. Blockchain solves the problem of trusted storage of data and trust building, but where is the intelligence after trust building? Where does the data come from? The process of building trust exposes the privacy of users. Although this data will not be tampered with is credible, it is not protected. No, so we can see that blockchain is moving towards integration with other technologies, typically with privacy computing. Blockchain is to ensure the credibility of the data in the computing process, but privacy computing is to make the data available and invisible. Although you are trusted, it is seen by the world, which seems not very good, so various technologies are moving towards integration.
        The blockchain in 2020 is a little boring on the whole, because its technical architecture has been stable. Most of the technological progress is mainly reflected in the engineering, which is reflected in the benign progress of improvement. A few years ago, it was the popularization of the concept, and now how to do it better from the engineering perspective. It is more reliable, more stable, more scalable, and can accommodate more nodes. I think this process will continue for a long time. Next, the competition of blockchain technology will turn to ecology with engineering optimization and improvement. Because this wave of war is not over yet, if several stand out after it is over, it must develop the ecosystem of blockchain, the ecosystem dominated by me.
        The landing application scenario realized by the integration of various cutting-edge technologies will surely overturn cognition at that time. We just imagine the era of Internet of all things, and we feel very beautiful. But after all, we are not immersive. Maybe we should wait for all kinds of cutting-edge technologies to be fully applied to all aspects of life. At that time, it may be called subverting the world and the future, but the technology that can subvert the future must not be just a technology. I think it can only be achieved by the integration of many technologies of cutting-edge technology. Perhaps because of the maturity of various technologies, artificial intelligence will wake up, have self-awareness, and perhaps enter the era of artificial intelligence. Mankind will enter the era of intelligence faster and comprehensively. Perhaps the so-called subversion means that artificial intelligence will enable mankind to enter a higher level of civilization.
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