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[agricultural science and technology] blockchain technology solves the core problem of agricultural traceability

Time : 25/07/2021 Author : pj2785 Click : + -
        With the development of economy, people pay more attention to the quality and safety of food materials, brands and characteristics, in addition to pursuing the life of "never tired of eating fine food and enjoying fine food". But on the other hand, food safety problems are also extremely prominent. Gutter oil, fake organic and harmful additives occur frequently. Food businesses have repeatedly trampled on the safety red line, causing people who live on food to fall into panic and a crisis of trust in food safety. In order to solve this problem, let consumers fully know the context of food, eat at ease and comfortable, and make trustworthy agricultural products "stand out", and "agricultural traceability" should be born at the right time. So, what is the essence of agricultural traceability? In this regard, the relevant person in charge of wanglian technology, which has been rooted in the field of blockchain agricultural traceability for many years, said that agricultural traceability is mainly to build a bridge between consumers and producers, give consumers enough trust, and let the real value of agricultural products and commodities circulate.
        Facts have proved that the one-stop and full cycle traceability of agricultural products through blockchain technology can effectively solve many pain points of traditional agricultural traceability, gradually realize the value transmission of agricultural products and commodities, and step out of the acceleration of the commercialization process. The origin of traditional agriculture has experienced more than ten years of development history, and its acceptance and recognition by the public are rising. However, based on the shortcomings of the traditional traceability system and the complex and multi link process of agricultural products from production to processing, the traditional traceability system has many disadvantages. First, it is reflected in the data storage of food traceability. The traditional traceability system mainly uses cloud storage centralized ledger mode or centralized database. Such a storage system has two risks: system risk and moral hazard.
        The risk of the former is like "all eggs in one basket", and data is vulnerable to attack and loss; The risk of the latter is that the data is easy to be "manipulated". When the account book information is not conducive to itself, enterprises or individuals are likely to choose to tamper with the account book. This "model of being both an athlete and a referee" makes the traceable information and data lack transparency and credibility, and cannot win the trust of consumers. Because it is impossible to ensure the authenticity and reliability of agricultural product data from the source of information and data, the traceability information is fake, and the traceability system is imitated and copied, and so on, it is difficult for the traditional traceability carrier to achieve real anti-counterfeiting. Secondly, the manufacturer's practice of assigning "one thing, one code" unique identification to each outgoing agricultural product can be traced back to the source, but the product identification is "beyond the reach" in the production and circulation link, which cannot cover the traceability of the whole process of processing, transportation, storage, sales and so on, so that the data on the whole supply chain cannot be known by consumers and regulators, and the real traceability effect cannot be achieved.
        Moreover, based on the respective characteristics of agricultural products, the traceability management systems used in each link are different, the traceability process standards are different, and the supply chain systems act independently, making the traceability information and data impossible to communicate; Even the data on the same traceability chain is often indistinguishable. This "data island" phenomenon seriously hinders the traceability efficiency and makes it unable to become a system. At the same time, the traceability codes given by different departments on the traceability chain are also inconsistent. In the process of product circulation, before entering a new traceability system carrier, the interface must be re integrated, resulting in an extreme waste of resources. Compared with the traditional traceability system, thanks to the recognized traceability, tamperability, distribution and other characteristics of blockchain technology traceability, it has become a breakthrough to break the bottleneck of traditional agricultural traceability.
        Blockchain traceability is mainly to give each agricultural product a definite digital identity, and form a data closed loop of all information of agricultural products from production to sales through digital circulation means. If consumers buy fake or problematic food, they can trace the specific link of the problem through the blockchain traceability system. The traceable and accountable effect brought by blockchain technology not only fully protects the rights and interests of consumers, but also maintains the brand of conscientious merchants. Judging from the successful cases of blockchain agricultural traceability in the current market, blockchain agricultural traceability is very "awesome" in the basic traceability information that consumers pay special attention to.
        Taking the vonetracer blockchain traceability platform of wanglian technology as an example, in order to prove the origin of products, especially the source of products with local characteristics, vonetracer has endorsed the products of origin by GPS positioning of the origin, recording the timestamp of the blockchain and the Internet of things of the origin, so as to eliminate counterfeit products from the source. At the same time, with the "magic mirror" of blockchain technology, vonetracer can catch the "Li Gui" in agricultural products and commodities, so that fake and inferior products have nowhere to hide. Reassuring consumers from the source is the first step in tracing the source of agriculture. In terms of process traceability, blockchain technology can enter and link data in the links of product manufacturing, circulation, transfer transactions, etc. the traceability data after being linked will not be tampered with. All process information and data written into the blockchain will "leave traces", becoming the future "testimony in court", tracing the whole process links, and realizing the whole process traceability.
        The full traceability platform uses one object and one code. Every commodity has an ID card, and the product itself can be traced through the ID card. Once there is a problem with the product, it can accurately announce and recall the problem product. The food safety traceability platform can not only release problematic products and counterfeiting enterprises in real time, but also release excellent products and high-quality enterprises, so that consumers can save time and effort to prevent risks and identify advantages and disadvantages. In addition, in the traceability system of blockchain, the government reviews the enterprises using the platform and inspects their products, so as to achieve real-time supervision and dynamic supervision of the whole process, so as to reassure consumers. It is worth mentioning that through blockchain technology traceability, enterprises can be better empowered to carry out brand traceability, transmit commodity value and build product brands.
        Through GPS positioning, time stamping, whole process data recording and chaining, the production enterprises make the product manufacturing clean, and ensure the brand for the agricultural enterprises that originally operated in good faith; At the same time, due to the increased cost of counterfeiting, agricultural merchants or enterprises are forced to comply with the law and integrity, help consumers accurately identify high-quality and fake products, and finally give consumers confidence in agricultural and sideline products. Based on the fact that the current blockchain technology is not mature and perfect, agricultural products and food need to go through a long time and more space from raw materials to shelves, and there are many challenges and problems to be faced and solved. In this regard, Wang chain technology team, which has rich experience in the field of agricultural traceability, also pointed out how to thoroughly solve the problem of anti-counterfeiting traceability, how to ensure the authenticity of data collection in each link of the traceability system, and how to present the data of each link of the supply chain to users in a reliable and reliable way &hellip& hellip; These are not only the endogenous needs of the blockchain agricultural traceability system, but also the realistic expectations of the public for blockchain agricultural traceability.
        "We should not only have the courage to constantly overcome blockchain technical problems and break traditional technical barriers, but also constantly refine blockchain thinking to deal with and solve new problems and challenges in the business process of blockchain traceability!".
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