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Xu Mingxing: blockchain technology is a kind of database science, which has both instrumental and disruptive applications

Time : 08/08/2021 Author : 3jyeb7 Click : + -
        Bullwhip news on December 26, according to planet daily, Xu Mingxing, founder, chairman and CEO of OPEC group and founding chairman of China blockchain Application Research Center, delivered a speech at the event today, saying that blockchain technology is not a magic trick, On the contrary, it is a "distributed irreversible" "Database science of blockchain. Secondly, blockchain has two kinds of application physique, one is instrumental and the other is disruptive. Similar to the Internet era, there are many instrumental applications of blockchain, and there may be more in the future. He also said that there are many disruptive applications emerging on blockchain, but as a new technology, we can't recognize its disruptive applications.
        Today's blockchain has many applications in all walks of life in the world. For example, digital currency, bitcoin, Ethereum, building a new virtual commodity based on blockchain technology, and so on. Finally, Xu Mingxing believes that blockchain is not a scourge, and the government can have a strong control system for blockchain.
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