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Blockchain example,Cai Liang, executive deputy director of the blockchain research center of Zhejiang University: blockchain starts from finance and then extends to government affairs, industrial manufacturing and aviation

Time : 16/06/2022 Author : 6kgb1j Click : + -
        From October 29 to 30, the 2020 Chengdu global innovation and entrepreneurship fair - the first international blockchain Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as 2020 innovation and entrepreneurship Fair) with the theme of "linking ecology and creating a new future" was held in Chengdu. With the holding of a series of forums and activities of the innovation and trade fair, the discussion about "blockchain" has become more and more in-depth. How to understand blockchain? Is it a progress in the development of digital technology? Are there any limitations in blockchain? What will the future development be like?. On the afternoon of the 29th, Cai Liang, executive deputy director of the blockchain research center of Zhejiang University, President of Zhejiang blockchain Technology Research Institute and vice president of the school of software of Zhejiang University, interpreted the above issues in an exclusive interview with the media.
        "I think blockchain is an important part of our country's entry into the next generation Internet. The traditional Internet solves the problem of effective access to information, but blockchain solves an era of asset interconnection, trust interconnection and value interconnection." Cai Liang first explained the connotation and significance of blockchain, "I think the significance and value of blockchain is mainly to enable a wide range of untrusted subjects to carry out credible cooperation, which is the most important value.". From two dimensions, Cai Liang pointed out, "from the perspective of national security, blockchain network itself is very critical to the establishment of tamper proof underlying network infrastructure.
        In addition, due to the characteristics of anonymity, difficult to tamper with and difficult to delete of blockchain, our traditional network content and ideological security will also face new challenges. From the perspective of people's livelihood, blockchain can build a credible service infrastructure, so that many government data can be handled in a coordinated manner across departments, which will be more convenient for our people's daily life and the government to provide integrated government services. ". Cai Liang emphasized that "blockchain technology is still young" and "it is a very expensive technology". Based on this, he believes that to solve the real large-scale commercial use of blockchain, the key is to solve its high-performance problems, security and privacy protection problems, and high scalability problems, "in order to turn blockchain into an important part of the country's next-generation Internet.
        ”。 Although young, Cai Liang affirmed that the future of blockchain has great potential. "The future is likely to be what kind of hardware infrastructure, network and storage blockchain needs to support it. It is of great significance to generate the next-generation architecture and network structure of blockchain.". In CAI Liang's view, the industrial development of blockchain starts from finance and gradually extends to government affairs, and will expand in more critical areas, "including industrial manufacturing, aerospace, and even military industry.". For example, he said, "blockchain technology, like the early Internet, must have formed small chains in some industries and regions when it started, but these small application chains must be able to form larger chains through cross chain interconnection in the future.
        For example, I have a small chain, a hospital chain, and another small chain, which may be a insurance chain. These two chains can be used for the innovation of medical insurance business, so the internal innovation of application value will certainly promote the interconnection between chains. ". "Autonomous and controllable" is another reminder of CAI Liang's development of blockchain technology. "Blockchain has been included in the national key information infrastructure, which must be self controllable and 100% domestic indicators. Roll up your sleeves and work hard.". Cai Liang believes that the healthy development of blockchain technology and the industry is inseparable from effective supervision and the responsibility of participants. "I think we should call on the vast number of blockchain industry applications and industry pioneers to actively care about the regulatory policies of the blockchain industry and be self-conscious in supervision.
        This is crucial for the healthy and sustainable development of blockchain industry and applications. ".
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