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What are the blockchain platforms,Blockchain donation platform: let love follow like a package

Time : 02/11/2021 Author : mbyflv Click : + -
        In recent years, relying on the flow and convenience of online donation platforms, the public welfare has been rapidly popularized. The public's awareness of donation and the need for funds of helpers are no longer a problem. How to ensure the "best use of everything" has become the focus of attention. Every donor wants to know when the money they donate comes to whose hands. Blockchain has the technical characteristics of decentralization, distributed storage, data tamperability, traceability and so on, which can just solve the problems criticized by traditional foundations and online fund-raising platforms. The essential difference between blockchain donation platform and traditional donation is that the donation information of the platform is linked with blockchain technology. Once all the information is linked, it can not be tampered with and is open and transparent, and the public can check the flow of donations at any time.
        The donation platform based on blockchain is decentralized. All information on the chain is open to the whole network. Every transaction (such as who is the donor and recipient of each donation, the number of distributions, and the method of use) can be traced. If there is a problem in any link, the relevant responsible person can be traced on the chain. The information asymmetry between the various participants of the charity project is eliminated, so as to reduce disputes and alleviate the crisis of public trust in charity fundraising. There is also a big problem hidden in online fund-raising, which is that recipients will falsify personal information to defraud donations. When fraud is found, blockchain technology can synchronize the implementation information of the counterfeiter to the whole network, and the personal credit investigation of the counterfeiter will also be affected, which will effectively punish the counterfeiter.
        Blockchain donation can make public service information more open, transparent and credible, make public organizations more credible, and make public service more fair and efficient. In the future, blockchain public welfare will be more widely used, people will be more enthusiastic to participate in charity fundraising, and our philanthropic initiative will be better placed.
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