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Blockchain has become the strongest outlet in the market. Will you invest in blockchain?

Time : 11/12/2021 Author : y3udlf Click : + -
        The blockchain sector in the stock market has been hyped recently, mainly because of the blockchain related policy meeting from October 24 to October 27, which directly led to the blockchain theme of the stock market being flooded by various funds. At the opening of Monday, more than 100 blockchain related stocks rose by the daily limit. It can be said that you can't buy what you want to buy, and the stocks you can buy are not necessarily cattle. Riding a bull to see a bear believes that October has come to an end, and the blockchain sector with favorable policies is bound to lead the theme market in the fourth quarter, which is worthy of our attention. What is blockchain? Blockchain is a new application mode of computer technology, such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm, etc.
        When we first knew the concept of blockchain, it was mainly from the data block technology of bitcoin, and then it appeared in various cutting-edge technologies of electronic money. Riding a cow and looking at a bear believes that blockchain can be regarded as an account book, and each blockchain can be regarded as a page in the account book, which can be connected by recording the sequence of time to form a complete account book. However, each page in the account book can be used for independent bookkeeping, and it is basically impossible to forge and tamper with accounts in the account book. In recent years, Internet companies, financial companies, technology companies and so on have invested in blockchain to test the water, and continue to increase practical applications in public welfare, commodity traceability, banking, securities and other fields.
        According to the relevant data, "ICBC launched the first autonomous and controllable blockchain platform, Agricultural Bank of China launched the e-commerce supply chain finance field, China Construction Bank launched the blockchain bancassurance platform, and Golden Chain Alliance launched the first blockchain related arbitration chain." This actually shows that blockchain technology has already been integrated into our lives. Now is the era when blockchain has changed from the information stage to the value Internet stage. With the continuous development of blockchain technology, the concepts of electronic trading, digital currency, information storage, intellectual property rights, etc. will be "upgraded" to a new level. In the direction of securities, futures, banking, derivatives, etc. in the financial field, the security will be higher, and the transaction efficiency will be continuously improved.
        Riding a bull to see a bear believes that investors' understanding of the blockchain concept is narrow at present, and the sentiment of speculation and speculation in the stock market is very obvious, which will lead to the continuous accumulation of blockchain individual stock foam in the securities market, and the supervision of digital currency should also be strengthened, otherwise there will be more financial risk events in the future, and the investors who will lose the most will still be blindly following the trend.
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