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Development stage of blockchain Technology

Time : 02/01/2022 Author : emzfg8 Click : + -
        First of all, it will be elaborated from the three stages of blockchain development. When it comes to blockchain, we have to mention bitcoin. The application of bitcoin to blockchain technology represents blockchain 1.0. At this stage, the function of digital e-money was realized on okex. The application of blockchain in bitcoin is to confirm the blocks containing transaction data one by one, so as to achieve the irreversible and undisputed purpose of confirming transactions. This accounting model can achieve a desire for interconnection between points, so as to meet the needs of the market. In short, in okex, blockchain technology is a distributed accounting technology, and the transaction records of digital currency are recorded and saved dispersedly on the chain. Under this technology, the security and timeliness of data have been effectively improved.
        With the passage of time, the era of blockchain 2.0 has come. At this stage, blockchain, as an ownership registration and authentication system, is committed to realizing all market transactions and commercial credit behaviors. We can have a glimpse in the more well-known fields such as securities, futures, options, trading, etc. In addition, some occasions that require credit reporting and smart contracts also have the use of blockchain, such as Ethereum and other software, to serve occasions such as rent-a-loan and crowdfunding. In the future, blockchain will enter the era of 3.0, which will be a networked computer collaborative artificial intelligence operation system. At this time, blockchain will be more widely used in all fields of social life, such as culture, health care, education and other aspects, as well as the corresponding economic and social systems.
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