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Shi said that Xingtan I, how blockchain can empower the real economy, and the sharing salon was successfully held

Time : 21/03/2022 Author : cakhv9 Click : + -
        As a revolutionary technology in the new era, blockchain has huge imagination and development prospects. Everyone is also very concerned about the changes it brings to society and its impact on all walks of life and even our personal life. On the afternoon of March 9, 2019, "how blockchain can empower the real economy sharing Salon" was held in Xinglian block chain coffee, a blockchain incubator for strategic and new industries. This event is honored to invite leaders of the Development Zone, a number of celebrities in the blockchain field, blockchain high-quality project parties and blockchain enthusiasts to the event site. Qiu Mengyao, head of the service section of the innovation and entrepreneurship Bureau of the Development Zone, gave a detailed introduction to the entrepreneurial environment and blockchain technology and other relevant science and technology policies of the development zone.
        Qiu section chief said, "the development zone is vigorously implementing the big incubator strategy and is committed to creating a more professional and perfect incubation and cultivation system. The development zone will continue to optimize the entrepreneurial ecosystem, promote the construction of innovation space, and create more good policies and superior environment. We hope that more entrepreneurs will come to the development zone to innovate and start businesses, bring more cutting-edge technologies, and accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of enterprises in the development zone.". As the country's first specialized industrial blockchain incubator, the strategic new industry blockchain incubator was just introduced by the development zone last year. Chen Xiangrong, the founder and CEO of JINGLUE, introduced the operation mode and situation of blockchain incubator.
        The incubator integrates the association resources represented by the provincial high-tech Association and the provincial blockchain Technology Application Association, the talent service resources represented by the national blockchain Certification Center, the media exhibition resources represented by the gbls global blockchain leaders summit, the blockchain technology application-oriented enterprises represented by Caba group, and the industrial investment and incubation represented by the strategic and innovative industry blockchain incubator Focus on industrial innovation and blockchain scenario realization, and help enterprises in Yuhang Economic and Technological Development Zone further realize transformation and upgrading, high-tech talent cultivation, and diversification of application scenarios. The incubator's introduction of the MOAC blockchain technology team and the projects such as Fu Xiannong, the Silicon Valley MOAC chief product officer /filestorm founder who was invited back from the United States today, and the blockchain application scenario implementation represented by Kaba are the best confirmation of the incubator's creation of an entrepreneurial ecosystem.
        On blockchain technology sharing, Fu Xiannong, the chief product officer of MOAC /filesorm founder in Silicon Valley, and Ma Junsong, the commercial director of MOAC, introduced the new technology of blockchain in simple terms and in detail from a professional technical point of view combined with practical application cases. Good technology needs to be applied to real scene cases in order to land and produce greater value. We invited three guests: CaoMing, chairman of Kaba new energy, zouxubao, CEO of Hangzhou Tingyi Network Technology Co., Ltd., and Chen Dashui, director of the debt research and development center of CICC debt (Zhejiang) Holding Co., Ltd. from the perspective of their respective company projects, they elaborated on the practical application scenarios combined with blockchain technology, further deepening everyone's understanding of blockchain.
        After the sharing and exchange, we believe that the smooth holding of the "sharing salon on how blockchain enables the real economy" is bound to deepen the understanding of the exchange enterprises in the Development Zone on blockchain. We hope to further promote the integration and development of blockchain technology and traditional industries, so that more high-quality projects can realize the successful implementation from concept verification to scenario.
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