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Huayun digital deeply integrates digital economy and sharing economy

Time : 27/03/2022 Author : pkrga2 Click : + -
        As the only invited digital enterprise of the first digital China Construction Summit and a member of the digital China Construction core technology industry alliance, cloud alliance Huayun digital has always taken the construction of the digital Internet of things as its social responsibility, and has achieved phased results in exploring blockchain technology development, blockchain technology path, application of digital goods construction and digital consumption entrepreneurship. The country has also given the right to formulate blockchain standards to Huayun. As the main platform of the cloud alliance, Huayun digital trade platform directly connects producers and consumers through the mass entrepreneurship and innovation call, and forms a community of shared future for producers, consumers, entrepreneurs, cloud platforms and countries through the sharing economy and sharing economy model.
        As the first platform for new retail, Huayun digital has unique views on digital construction innovation, and digitalization has become the general trend of social and economic development. Under the strong stimulation of digitalization, traditional e-commerce and even new retail will also change dynasties. Huayun makes full use of the technological advantages of mobile Internet, through the innovation and upgrading of the company's platform, and with an open, transparent, altruistic and win-win model, so that consumers can face the enterprise directly without middlemen. In this way, when consumers buy genuine products, enterprises also obtain a large number of end customer groups. The cloud alliance platform is based on the deep integration of the sharing economy model and the real economy model. First, there is a platform, and then entrepreneurs connect production enterprises to the platform to lay the basic framework for new retail. Through online virtual economy, i.e. digital economy operation, e-commerce network new retail and offline, i.e. mass entrepreneurship, entity docking, sharing economy, and the promotion of consumption value-added.
        There is also the interaction, cooperation and collaboration among producers, entrepreneurs and countries. When the new retail development reaches a certain stage, the blockchain technology system is developed and implanted, so as to transition to the sharing economy model, form a sharing economy model with Chinese characteristics, and create a leading global cloud business alliance in the "cloud era" of China's new era. That is, sharing economy (promoting enterprise development) + Digital Economy (Huayun digital goods) + sharing economy = sharing economy (shared equity). Everyone who consumes has a shared equity. The more who leads the consumption, the greater the shared equity. So why share. The significance lies in this point. In the development process of new retail, Huayun digital will surely launch the first shot of the deep integration of digital economy and sharing economy, so that the broad masses of the people can benefit from the achievements and dividends of digital economic construction!.
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