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Let you finish! Se said it was too early to make DQ and FF blockchain games

Time : 28/06/2022 Author : 7qx4cw Click : + -
        Zhong said that he hoped that NFT and blockchain technology could become the "main trends" of the game industry, and he believed that they would become the main growth areas of the industry in 2022, including cloud games, AI and blockchain games. At that time, Matsuda said: blockchain games are made on the premise of token economy, so they have the potential to make the game grow continuously. However, at the recent shareholders' meeting of Se, Se President Yosuke Matsuda once again talked about NFT and blockchain games, but his attitude was quite different. Matsuda yangsuke said, "it's too early to make blockchain games of" the brave fight against the dragon "and" Final Fantasy ". Then he stressed that" se is about to release new works "will not consider this matter.
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