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One, game: abandon animal cultivation games and become the "number one player" in the blockchain virtual world

Time : 14/11/2021 Author : 3hrfn6 Click : + -
        "If one day, our company doesn't exist, but onegame ecosystem can continue on the Internet, then we will succeed." Shi Pu, the founder of onegame, said frankly about the goals of their team. Just like the name of Wanshi, what Shipu and the team want to build is a virtual world ecosystem that can rely on the spontaneous force of the community to continuously promote the operation of the system. In this new world, developers and players are the masters. Wanshi only provides the first fire. After that, it will pass on from generation to generation. So, the question is, in today's era of Virtual World Games blooming everywhere, how can the world create such a world of self reproduction and evolution?.
        From the birth of the idea of immortality, it is a decentralized virtual world based on blockchain. Just as the universe has infinite possibilities from the moment of explosion. Due to decentralization, the "world" created by Wanshi will not have fixed game rules or fixed game goals. How the world evolves will be based on its free growth. In such a world, everything is open and everything flows freely. How does such an open world work? Yes, there is no master here. Game developers and game players are the protagonists of the world. If you are a game player or developer, you can connect to the Wanshi platform on the blockchain through Wanshi's client.
        The platform only defines the most basic worldview and physical laws, and encourages and supports developers from all over the world to produce and share customized characters, scenes, plots, gameplay and algorithms on the Wanshi platform through the virtual currency driven economic system. Not only that, in the eternal world, game players can also control their virtual characters, freely access any game scene, socialize with other game players or travel together, participate in games designed by different developers, and compete in different games. Decentralization will be reflected in all aspects of the eternal world. It is like air, invisible, but it is the most important thing that really exists.
        Through the decentralized governance scheme, the World Expo realizes the upgrading of the system and the self evolution of the platform, and the virtual world and the real world are constantly integrated. For players, they have no perception of the underlying technology of the game, but for onegame, which has mature experience in game development, what kind of public blockchain can bring the best experience to game players is very important. Deep brain chain is relatively mature in foreign communities, which lays a good foundation for the community to recognize onegame project. Unlike ordinary public chain, which is just a smart contract, deep brain chain also has an artificial intelligence computing platform. A game with excellent experience, in addition to smart contracts, requires high-performance cloud computing and artificial intelligence models, so that no matter how large the volume is, it can run, and no matter how much data is, it can be quickly integrated and used.
        The client includes the game interface for players and developer tools for developers. It is the interface between the virtual world and the real world. At the beginning, the computer version will be provided, and gradually extended to mobile devices and wearable VR devices. Wanshi's server is based on deep brain chain. It is a decentralized artificial intelligence computing platform with low cost, high security and high scalability, which provides the best computing environment for Wanshi. The server side includes the smart contract built on the deep brain chain, and the services deployed by the world's miners on the deep brain chain computing platform for mining. Through the interaction with smart contracts, the services deployed by miners obtain token rewards by simulating the mining process, and provide computing and storage resources for Wanshi at the same time.
        Some time ago, the news released by 360 about fixing the epic vulnerability of EOS was talked about by people. After chatting, blockchain security has become the focus of attention. How to better run a system so that it will not be overwhelmed by an instant virus or hidden dangers? Wanshi was prepared at the beginning. When the user needs to send a request to the server, first obtain the address of the corresponding service through the miner registration center, and then establish a direct connection with the service. When users' requests exceed the processing capacity of existing miners, miners will feed back to the registration center, and the registration center will apply to the incentive pool for higher mining incentives to attract more miners to mine; When the user's request is insufficient, the incentive pool will reduce the mining reward and indirectly reduce the number of miners to save energy.
        Anyone can participate in mining as a miner. This means that miners may submit different versions of services, or even do evil by modifying the code in the server. To solve this problem, on the one hand, the onegame team will record the fingerprint signature of the program run by the user and record it as different versions of the program in the miner registration center; On the other hand, the onegame team made the content creators and players on the platform reach a consensus and elect the current version by voting. The computing platform of deep brain chain also ensures that once the program is deployed by miners, it will run in a sandbox. Each time it is run, it will be recorded as a different fingerprint signature and will not be modified by external programs.
        According to the plan of onegame team, the construction of the whole ecosystem needs four stages, rather than an epic explosion in one move. The powerful Roman Empire is not built in a day, and good products will be tested in time. In the middle of this year, onegame will be the first to build a small app for Wanshi wallet, which is also the first application scenario to land. Players can choose their own characters on the wallet, dress up based on this character, and improve attributes. By the end of this year, the official version of the computer client will appear, and users can download the official version through the computer. At this time, Wanshi will be able to popularize on a large scale. At this stage, the small wallet has already had a certain amount of traffic and accumulated a certain number of players. Through the small wallet diversion, users can use it on the PC side, that is, the game client.
        It is expected that by the end of next year, the whole system can be decentralized through a period of operation and the accumulation of senior players. If there is enough data on onegame platform, artificial intelligence will be added, which will add more realism to the whole virtual world.
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