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Yunnan Provincial Key Laboratory of blockchain application technology was approved for construction

Time : 25/08/2021 Author : grpd08 Click : + -
        Recently, the Yunnan Innovation Research Institute of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics was officially approved to build the Yunnan Provincial Key Laboratory of blockchain application technology, and domestic advantageous resources such as the national industrial information security development research center, the Key Laboratory of blockchain technology and data security industry of the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of information technology will participate in the joint construction. The rapid development of the digital economy needs to be equipped with "new infrastructure". As one of the important infrastructure of digital economy technology, blockchain is the core for China to seize the commanding height of industrial innovation and development, and it is also the key to the development of digital economy and the construction of "Digital Yunnan" in Yunnan Province. Yunnan Provincial Key Laboratory of blockchain application technology will introduce Beijing's advantageous resources and high-end experts in the industry, and cooperate with universities and scientific research institutions inside and outside Yunnan Province to form a core research and development platform, high-end talent training base and new digital industry booster of Yunnan blockchain technology.
        It is reported that the construction of the laboratory will adhere to the concept of "strategic guidance, discipline integration, characteristic development, innovative organization, open cooperation, and integration", deeply cultivate blockchain technology and application fields, take the breakthrough of blockchain theory and generic technology as the core driver, promote the transformation of technology integration and research results in the industrial application ecosystem, and provide "blockchain + characteristic application" services for key industries in Yunnan, Build a sustainable development ecosystem of blockchain industry. In addition, it will also develop blockchain infrastructure platforms, blockchain big data management systems, international data Internet interoperability and other products, and build an independent and controllable new infrastructure, Yunnan blockchain infrastructure; Innovate the laboratory construction mechanism, establish an international expert mobile workstation, and strengthen the exchange and cooperation of theory and technology at home and abroad; Build a Yunnan blockchain government industry university research integration platform, drive the gathering of industry and elite talents through professional co construction, joint training, professional talent training and other forms, and provide new momentum for the development of Yunnan blockchain industry.
        (reporter Li Chenghan). "Zhuoma" (the well-off story around) "Zhuoma, how high can the plane fly?" "Zhuoma, which cities have you been to?"& hellip;& hellip; Every time I go home, gewuzhuoma seems to be the "Star" of the village. Gewuzhuoma's hometown is Tuanjie village, Xiaozhongdian Town, Shangri La City, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. This village, where many people have never been on a plane, came out with a girl who worked on a plane. As China Eastern Airlines … [details]. Kunming, July 27 (Fu Hao) - according to the Yunnan Provincial Health Commission, there were no new confirmed cases of COVID-19 and asymptomatic infections in Yunnan from 0:00 to 24:00 on July 26.
        There were 19 confirmed cases imported from abroad and 3 asymptomatic infections. Two confirmed cases were cured and discharged (imported from abroad), and asymptomatic infected persons were released from quarantine for medical observation 2… [details].
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