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How to use the blockchain traceability system to trace the whole process of rice?

Time : 22/12/2021 Author : gnwm04 Click : + -
        Block Tianyan app news: in recent years, various safety problems of agricultural products have been exposed one after another, and even the rice people eat every day also has various problems. In the past, agricultural production paid special attention to "quantity safety", and agricultural science and technology also focused on increasing production, resulting in the excessive use and even abuse of pesticides and fertilizers, which will not only cause the problem of drug residues, but also bring secondary problems such as water and soil ecological environment pollution and drug resistance. With the change of diet structure and consumption mode, the public has put forward higher requirements for the quality and safety of rice, so the establishment of a blockchain traceability system for rice is of great significance to enterprises and consumers. For consumers, scan the anti-counterfeiting QR code on the rice packaging through their mobile phones at any time. While querying the authenticity of products, consumers can obtain information about rice from planting, processing, quality inspection, transportation to sales, and can also participate in marketing means such as rewards, accumulated points, gifts, etc. issued by enterprises.
        By tracing the source, consumers will be more assured and safer when buying rice. In order to clarify the subject of responsibility and realize "the source can be checked, the destination can be traced, and the responsibility can be investigated". For enterprises, rice is sown by many farmers. However, due to various negative information on the market, rice is unsalable. At present, many enterprises have begun to use advertising to promote their brands and improve the trust of consumers. For some small-scale enterprises, there is not enough money to promote. At this time, blockchain traceability technology can be used to enhance consumers' trust in brands. Not only that, enterprises can also set up various incentives on the traceability platform to attract more consumers.
        Therefore, for rice enterprises and agricultural products enterprises, it is essential to establish a blockchain traceability system. Enterprises can use the well chain traceability platform to store multiple pictures to show the information of base production, processing and circulation of agricultural products and pesticide residue detection in multiple dimensions. The whole process can be traced, so as to build the brand of agricultural products and realize root tracing. The well chain traceability platform is based on the upper application developed by the underlying technology of blockchain, and takes full advantage of the tamper proof characteristics of blockchain to achieve one object and two codes (verification / Traceability source code + consumption / anti-counterfeiting code), with different codes. The biggest feature is the decentralization of blockchain, which fundamentally eliminates the possibility of fraud and provides a strong foundation for manufacturers to build brands.
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