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FIFA redefines the new future of sports

Time : 14/04/2022 Author : 9ei76j Click : + -
        Up to now, the world cup is no longer just a simple football match. Every world cup will be combined with many elements other than sports to bring new experiences to fans, such as the Internet, VR, etc. and the element that collides with the world cup this year will undoubtedly be blockchain. In fact, this popular technology has already been applied in many fields. Now what application scenarios will it produce in the world cup?. Blockchain + World Cup, the most direct combination is guessing projects, because this is also a very potential market. Just look at the 2014 Brazil World Cup. In that year, Germany 7-1 Brazil was the most classic match, and the odds of 1-6500 on the spot was even more amazing.
        In the end, the cumulative bet amount of all 64 games reached 200billion euros, equivalent to 1.7 trillion yuan. This is only the market size of football in a month's competition, and I believe no one will underestimate the market size covered by the whole forecast market. Someone may want to ask, why can blockchain quiz project replace traditional football lottery? Unlike traditional football lottery, the quiz project based on blockchain technology has many advantages, such as more transparent, safe, efficient and stable. The distribution of blockchain technology ensures that the quiz results are not manipulated, and its perfect incentive system ensures the income security of users.
        If blockchain guessing continues to move forward, there may be only realistic factors such as immature blockchain technology and insufficient public recognition. However, recently, blockchain projects such as guessing have generally soared, and it seems that people are increasingly accepting it. In fact, as early as before the world cup, many blockchain projects in China had similar guessing activities. In addition to guessing, as the pacesetter in the field of digital currency, Russia also has many more grounded digital currency services. Among them, two graduates of Imperial College London have become the nemesis of scalpers. They have developed a bitcoin ticket machine based on blockchain technology &mdash& mdash; Aventus。
        The ticket machine uses blockchain technology to encrypt each ticket, endow it with unique identity characteristics, and bind it with ticket buyers, so as to prevent ticket counterfeiting and secondary sales. During this world cup, they will help the organizers sell more than 10000 tickets. Not only the ticketing system, the Russian apartmentmalina hotel has cooperated with the online payment system free KAS to allow users to use digital currency to pay accommodation fees. At the same time, many hotels in Russia have also announced that they will accept bitcoin payment one after another. Tourists can use bitcoin to buy air tickets, travel agency services, etc., because this will reduce the trouble of foreign exchange for money.
        With the gradual expansion of the innovation impact of blockchain technology, its butterfly effect will become more and more obvious, and the guessing industry, service industry, and even the entire sports industry will become its beneficiaries. As the underlying technology of digital collections, blockchain has the characteristics of being tamper proof and non reproducible. It can mark digital original works on the chain to generate unique digital vouchers. Blockchain sports digital collections will leave traces in any change to form traceability, effectively protect the copyright of publishers and consumer rights, and enable each originator to obtain value returns. At the same time, each collection is as unique as the coded "RMB", which greatly improves the collection value of the collection.
        The sports industry has broad prospects and development potential in China, especially in the post epidemic era, the process of sports digitalization has accelerated, and the innovation of sports products and services has ushered in a good opportunity. It is the first to locate the most popular currency in the field of football such as sports + World Cup, and the ecological landing will launch a series of eco surrounding sports, NFT, sports games and so on! characteristic; Cash dividends, transaction destruction, deflation, sliding point reflow bottom pool, high currency price, flow pool mode, LP pool vouchers 100% into the black hole for destruction, authority discarding, contract locking, everyone can view the destruction vouchers! Achieve real capital security, and eliminate the risk of man-made evil! The most anticipated hot spot in 2022 is undoubtedly the Middle East world cup. Before the event, FIFA global top 100 communities will jointly help promote ecological applications to meet the arrival of the world cup, which is expected to become a clear stream of the industry ….
        In this context, blockchain enabled sports is a future trend, which not only meets the needs of fans, but also does not violate the spirit of sports, while opening the door to the new world of sports blockchain. Return to Sohu to see more.
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