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Blockchain company,Shandong Provincial Prison Administration Shandong prison "blockchain + law enforcement" system procurement project competitive consultation announcement

Time : 04/04/2022 Author : ymtgah Click : + -
        Shandong ShunJia Project Management Co., Ltd. address: 6th floor, building 2, Huashan International Plaza, No. 286, Yuyang Road, Licheng county (District), Jinan City, Shandong Province. 1. Comply with relevant national laws, regulations and rules, meet the conditions specified in Article 22 of the government procurement law of the people's Republic of China, and have the corresponding ability to complete the project in terms of personnel, equipment, technology, capital, etc; 2. Have good business reputation and sound financial accounting system; Have a good record of paying taxes and social security funds according to law; 3. If the person in charge of the unit is the same person or different units with holding and management relationship, they shall not participate in the bidding of this project at the same time; 4. Suppliers are not included in the "credit China" website (list of dishonest persons to be executed, list of parties to major tax violations and "China government procurement network" (list of records of serious violations of government procurement); 5. Consortium bidding is not accepted for this project; 6. Other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations.
        1. Time: from 8:30 on September 29, 2021 to 17:30 on October 11, 2021 (registration deadline) (Beijing time, except legal holidays). 3. Method: suppliers who intend to participate in this government procurement must register and register on the "Shandong provincial government procurement information disclosure platform" (technical consultation telephone). After successful online registration, suppliers can obtain procurement documents by email during the announcement period. Email content: ① copy of duplicate of business license; ② The power of attorney of the legal representative and the ID card of the authorized person (if the legal person participates in the registration, the legal person id card should be provided); ③ Credit China, China government procurement website credit screenshot; ④ Supplier registration form (format is self-made, including project name, supplier company name, company address, contact person, contact phone, email, etc.).
        The information required for the above registration is stamped with the official seal of the unit and sent to the email number. The email name is "Shandong prison administration Shandong prison" blockchain + law enforcement "system procurement project - supplier company name". The supplier shall contact the purchasing agency for confirmation after sending the email information. The data inspection at the time of registration does not mean that the qualification examination is finally passed or qualified. The confirmation of the final qualification of the supplier shall be subject to the post qualification examination organized by the consultative group. 4. Selling price: 300 yuan / copy, non refundable (Bank of deposit: Heping Road branch of Jinan Branch of China Merchants Bank; Name: Shandong ShunJia Project Management Co., Ltd.; Account No.).
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