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Ouke cloud chain Xu star's new book "interesting financial history" is published in simple terms to interpret the 5000 year history of financial reform

Time : 29/05/2022 Author : b5pi7n Click : + -
        Recently, Xu Mingxing, the founder of oukeyun chain, and the famous financial writer Li Jiyue and the industry observer Gu Zehui jointly wrote a popular science book "interesting talking about the history of finance". The book traces the famous Empire and Ming Dynasty in history along the time axis, and expounds how people can solve practical problems through four perspectives: financial prosperity and decline, light and shadow, dream and foam, freedom and shackles, It also provides a new way of thinking for everyone to observe today's financial reform and predict greater innovations that may occur in the future. Different from other obscure financial books, "interesting financial history" tells 14 key events in financial history with 109 illustrations, presenting typical cases in financial history one by one in the form of pictures and texts. It tries to provide readers with a unique perspective. It is a popular science reading of financial knowledge without threshold.
        In the book "interesting financial history", three authors, including Xu Mingxing, gave readers a very organized and systematic discussion and led us to a "story collection" about the future development direction of digital finance. The contents displayed in the book span 5000 years of history, including the more illusory Siming of Atlantis, the melting creation of the Northern Song Dynasty, the most mysterious secret of the temple riding group in the middle ages, and the prospective interpretation of technological integration related to our "money path". The value of insights based on historical reflection is eternal and profound. Every historical event and imagination about the future mentioned in "interesting financial history" are of great significance to the development of the financial industry at this stage, and can also help readers reopen their understanding of the new finance in the future.
        For example, in the vision from bitcoin to blockchain, Xu Mingxing and other authors mentioned that in the future, how to avoid the financial tragedy caused by "institutional loopholes" and let fishmongers steal the value of workers is a subject worth pondering. The emergence of blockchain coincides with the time. In an ideal state, trade within a certain range can be completed fairly through "up chain", which no longer requires complex currency exchange and settlement, so that traders can enjoy the value created independently. On the basis of the increasingly developed global payment network, the rapid innovation of digital currency and the gradual improvement of technical standards, we can build a more mature and convenient global cross-border payment network through blockchain and other emerging technical means, and think about its new governance mode and technical framework to solve the problem of financial isolation in the traditional physical sense of the financial system of human society, Build an infrastructure that serves the distributed financial system and ecosystem.
        In addition, how did the Bank of England become a central bank from a private bank? Is the South China Sea foam the runaway financial power or the masterpiece of conspirators? What kind of financial era will mankind enter? We will know such problems one by one through this book and open up new thinking and cognition. Today, the world train has entered the "Digital Age". Global digitalization is an irreversible trend, and no country, enterprise or person can stay out of it. After reading this book, we will have a new understanding of the origin, development and future of finance, and have different ways of thinking about the problems we are facing in reality. We will also firmly believe that the transformation and promotion of new technologies will lead us into an immersive value Internet era and open a new digital financial system and ecosystem for the world.
        As Wenwu said when recommending this book: "interesting financial history" will be the key to the future of the new continent for enterprisers who want to create a great cause in the future financial era. This book, which goes deep into the ancient and modern meaning of the development of the financial industry, has a rigorous and profound core. The biggest highlight is its very interesting and simple language and expression. Unlike other financial industry books you have read, as a professional popular science book, the meaning of "interesting financial history" is very profound and thought-provoking, but the text is not as obscure as other popular science books. Instead, 109 pictures are used throughout the book to show the professional terms related to the financial industry and the innovative development of the new financial field in the form of pictures, which links professional theories with practical applications, Easy to understand, simple and direct, especially suitable for financial "white", so that "laymen" can easily understand.
        For example, the author tells us through the interesting story of the temple riding regiment that the boundary of traditional integration lies in the boundary of geopolitics, and the solution is still to move closer to technology. Just as in today's world, digital technology is fully integrated into all fields and the whole process of human economic, political, cultural, social and ecological civilization construction with new ideas, new formats and new models, which has brought extensive and profound impact on human production and life. Driven by new technologies such as blockchain, we are also constantly seeking ways to upgrade finance through monetary innovation. Throughout the history of financial development of human society, the common pursuit is nothing more than a more convenient and stable financial system.
        The continuous evolution of monetary technological innovation has promoted the reform of the financial system. But have all the problems been solved? In previous financial history books, it may be difficult for us to quickly understand it through boring words, but the author of this book can quickly immerse readers in the Bretton Woods system, the free financial order, the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis, inflation and other representative events, understand and think about the real meaning hidden in the abstruse financial history through a large number of pictures and simple and understandable words. As mentioned, "what is the difference between the financial system based on blockchain technology and the current financial system?" When many people think of this enigmatic question, some people turn to various books and don't understand the answer, which virtually widens their blind spot on professional academic vocabulary.
        However, in the atmosphere of "story pool" that everyone can accept, interesting financial history can imperceptibly make people understand in their hearts that blockchain is the key technology to change the economy in the future. It can open up the value ecosystem through cross chain technology and improve the safety, liquidity, fairness and openness of decentralized Trading system, so as to realize the free flow of digital assets around the world and promote the future digital economy era to move forward to the value ecosystem era. The "value Internet" based on blockchain technology, which is strongly related to the physical and digital world, will help change the pattern of digital finance in the future. The story is profound, but it pays attention to a relaxed and grounded way of expression. In this regard, Wen Wu also said that as a high-quality and easy-to-understand popular science work, interesting financial history expounds the development and inherent problems of finance through the analysis of specific historical events, which is of great enlightening significance to the way of Inclusive Finance that we are looking for all over the world at present, as well as the efforts to enable financial innovation with science and technology.
        The financial story in history is coming, and there will be more solutions for future development. With his new book "interesting financial history", Xu Mingxing, together with well-known writers and observers in the industry, wants more ordinary people interested in the financial industry to reread the money story, understand the financial history, explore the laws, and think about the future. His painstaking efforts are vividly on the paper. I believe that after reading this book, you will have a new understanding of financial history and benefit a lot.
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