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For blockchain applications, the blockchain community platform "Qunqun" should return the ownership of the community to the creator for the operators to enjoy

Time : 02/07/2022 Author : 2qfw6k Click : + -
        Original title: blockchain application blockchain community platform "Qunqun" should return the ownership of the community to the creator, so that the operator can enjoy the benefits. According to the statistics of coinmarketcap website, the scale of the global digital currency market has exceeded US $500billion. Coinbase estimates that the number of global bitcoin users has exceeded 10 million. At the beginning of this year, blockchain became "hot". With the rapid growth of digital currency users, will everyone want to seize the social highland and become wechat, Weibo or post bar in the blockchain era?. The existing problem of Internet communities (such as Douban group) is that the community is not entirely the creator, and the "center" has the authority to block it at any time; In addition, most users rely on interest and enthusiasm to enrich content, lack of motivation to activate the community, and are used to "not seeking reward".
        Qunqun, founded in September 2017, built a community platform based on blockchain technology to "return" the ownership of the community to the creators, and reward users with an open and transparent token mechanism to share content and improve community activity. The founder can also transfer and sell the community to obtain income. Copyright information related to later content can also be recorded on the chain. The essence of Qunqun is to provide users with a platform to create communities and a tool to get rewards by creating and operating their own communities. The product form will be similar to post bar, and the content in each "theme bar" will be presented in the form of timeline information flow (such as Weibo). The whole platform will gradually become a collection of many "small content centers".
        In addition, CEO Ou Sheng believes that the existing communities are isolated from each other and lack communication. Therefore, Qunqun has designed a set of interoperability and sharing mechanism. Users can pay a token (free in the early stage) to "transmit" part of the content of community a to the information flow of community B for display, so as to help high-quality content spread across the platform. Another advantage of "chaining" is that the introduction of token can automatically "prevent cheating". Qunqun will not control user behavior with the idea of centralized management, but the cost of creating communities increases with the number of communities created, so as to prevent people from building groups in batches and then "reselling"; Similarly, in the blockchain world with more real information, "watering" to defraud rewards, "picking wool" and other behaviors can not obtain benefits.
        In terms of content dissemination, Qunqun is considering whether it is possible to cooperate with Internet products (such as wechat and Weibo). However, in the underlying design, it is difficult to get through the communication protocol between the centralized platform and the blockchain. Qunqun will support sharing content to mainstream social platforms when designing products. In the second half of the mobile Internet, the cost of getting customers is getting higher and higher. Traffic is in the hands of large platforms. The opportunity of blockchain community lies in letting start-ups, currency circles and chain circles speak, and using incentive mechanisms to accumulate seed users. In terms of customer acquisition, Qunqun plans to cooperate with blockchain mainstream media and products that already have a user base, so that partners can establish their own communities in Qunqun and precipitate users.
        At the technical level, Qunqun is based on open source Ethereum development, which can be started quickly, and the Ethereum rules are widely accepted. However, Ethereum also has problems of network congestion and high transaction costs. In this regard, Qunqun has prepared a complete scheme for switching the public chain. Now EOS, quantum chain and Neo are improving the performance of blockchain. When the infrastructure is more mature and the response speed is higher, Qunqun may seamlessly migrate applications to a more suitable public chain. If the final ecosystem of Qunqun needs to support more applications, the possibility of self built public chains cannot be ruled out. The content and related functions in the community are also put on traditional servers, which can not only prevent network congestion caused by high-frequency praise and forwarding, which will affect the user experience, but also avoid the policy risk that the content on the chain cannot be deleted.
        The blockchain is open-source at the bottom, and the technical barriers to the application layer are not high. Products are easy to be homogenized. What the "competitive products" compete with each other is the landing speed and product experience; Before the product goes online, the community size is very important. The more people hold tokens, the higher the value. Compared with competition, technical teams (with geek spirit) will cooperate and communicate with each other to jointly cultivate the market. 36 krypton previously reported that Qunqun had first landed on Huo coin on January 10. The beta version is expected to be launched in mid March and open for registration. The Qunqun team consists of nearly 20 people, mostly from the start-up teams of Qihoo 360 and Zanthoxylum bungeanum live, who have cooperated to develop Internet products.
        CEO Ou Sheng is a continuous entrepreneur with rich experience in portals and communities.
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