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From blockchain preacher to WTO, sunyuchen, head of MC12 delegation, has always insisted on speaking for blockchain

Time : 26/08/2021 Author : x6dtru Click : + -
        Wang Wentao led a delegation to attend. However, among all the members of the delegation, there is also a familiar face, sunyuchen. It is worth mentioning that as Grenada's permanent representative to the World Trade Organization and ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, sun Yuchen attended the meeting as the head of the delegation and expressed important opinions on multilateral trade, e-commerce, digital economy and other topics. It is admirable that, from blockchain investors, preachers, entrepreneurs to ambassadors of a country, no matter how his identity changes, sun Ge is sparing no effort to advocate for the blockchain industry. Now, on an important platform like MC12, sun GE has brought the blockchain to the ministers' meeting table on his own.
        MC12 can be said to be the highest decision-making meeting of WTO, which is held every two years. However, as WTO director general yvira said in his speech at the opening ceremony, it has been five years since the last meeting was held because of the epidemic. After years of disobedience, coupled with the severe test brought by the global epidemic, the three-day meeting is tight in time and heavy in task. All Member States have also sent the elite of the elite to discuss countermeasures. After all, the operation of the world and the fate of mankind are left to them to decide. We noticed that the certificate hung around Sun GE's neck was bright red, which was the highest ministerial level among all the dignitaries attending the meeting. Alvindabreo, Grenada's minister of Commerce and trade, was unable to attend the conference for some reason, so sun Ge assumed the role of head of Grenada's delegation.
        Sun Ge certainly lived up to his mission. When speaking as a member representative, he comprehensively expounded the current economic situation, climate environment, marine resources, vaccine equity and other issues faced by Grenada, fully demonstrating the brilliance of his young diplomats. In addition, sun Ge did not forget to "speak for blockchain", "we believe that the development of e-commerce and the broader digital economy, including blockchain technology, is the next frontier to accelerate global economic growth and development.". Not only that, sun Ge also introduced wave field Tron to member representatives from all over the world on the conference table, "here I want to propose that blockchain may be a way to meet the challenge of digital universe.
        A useful use case is that blockchain has successfully broadened the access of users to fast and safe financial services at a cost that the whole society can bear. Take the wave field Tron blockchain as an example, its transaction cost of processing more than $4trillion is only $300million. ". In fact, brother sun has made full preparations for this proposal. Since March this year, sun GE has met with a number of diplomatic representatives, such as the U.S. ambassador to Singapore jonathanerickaplan, the Russian ambassador to the WTO Dmitry lyakishev, Singapore's permanent ambassador to the WTO tanhungseng, and the EU ambassador to the WTO Machado, and had exchanges and discussions with them on e-commerce enabling industries, digital transactions and trust.
        It can be said that sun Ge gathered the opinions of all parties before forming this mature proposal. Undoubtedly, this is another sovereign country that announced its support for blockchain and cryptocurrency after El Salvador became the first country in the world to officially use bitcoin as a legal currency. Its international influence and driving force for the development of the industry are self-evident. It is believed that sun GE's voice will have a positive impact on the development of the entire blockchain industry and even global financial services through MC12. Not surprisingly, sun GE's speech on MC12 was praised by experts and scholars at home and abroad. Yang Rui, the host of CCTV international dialogue, commented, "we look forward to sun Yuchen, the post-90s entrepreneur who represents the Grenada government, fulfilling his mission to prescribe a new prescription for the old world order and provide effective public services and products with fluent English and the logic of virtual currency.
        ”。 Sun GE has always been serious about promoting the global application of blockchain. If the blockchain industry has the title of model worker, it must be sun Ge. Sun GE's contributions to the blockchain industry can be said to be countless. After careful combing, it can be roughly divided into the following aspects:. We will promote the compliance of encrypted finance. The pace of wave field regulation exploration has already spread all over the world. In September 2021, vtrx was officially approved by the German Stock Exchange, the largest stock exchange in the EU, and has become a legal financial trading product in more than 10 European countries, such as France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and so on. A month later, valkyrieinvestments, with sun Ge as the largest strategic shareholder, won the fierce competition, passed the SEC approval, and obtained the first batch of bitcoin ETF listing licenses in the United States, which also became a milestone in the process of cryptocurrency compliance.
        In 2022, with the strong promotion of sun Ge, the wave field moves frequently in the aspect of standardization. On April 1 this year, TRX was launched, which means that more than 80% of Americans can easily own TRX. In the past month, wave field TRX has successively landed on bitso, the largest compliance exchange in Mexico, bitkub, a well-known digital trading platform in Thailand, fireblocks and cryptofinance, digital assets and cryptocurrency infrastructure platforms, dydx perpetual contract market, and dmmbitcoin, a well-known exchange in Japan. The global status of wave field Tron has been unprecedentedly improved.
        Help all mankind realize financial freedom. As early as last October, sun Ge issued an open letter announcing that layer1 of wave field agreement will focus on providing safe and fast settlement services for financial institutions, encrypted assets and defi at a low cost. Among them, as the best use case of the financial settlement layer, the stable currency has developed rapidly under the strong promotion of the wave field. The wave field version of usdt has been firmly in the top position of the stable coin track, with the highest circulation exceeding 42.7 billion, far exceeding the Ethereum version of usdt, and the number of independent addresses has also exceeded 14.25 million. Driven by the Federal Reserve of Poland, the circulation of the wave field version of usdc also increased significantly. As of June 21, the total supply exceeded $2.88 billion.
        However, even usdt, the leader of the stable currency, cannot match the popular fried chicken usdd in the market. As a new decentralized super mortgage stable currency launched and upgraded by wave field, usdd has become the safest and transparent stable currency in the stable currency market with its completely decentralized structure, sufficient reserve support of wave field joint reserve and ultra-high mortgage rate. So far, the usdd reserve has 14040 BTCs, 10.8 billion Trxs, 1.08 billion usdcs and 140million usdts, with a total amount of more than $2.36 billion, providing mortgage guarantee for $720million usdd, with a mortgage rate of 326.42%.
        In sun GE's words, "based on the stable currency ecosystem with booming wave fields, we hope that usdd will become a new settlement currency for cryptocurrencies.". Protect the blockchain industry and market. "Only when the sea flows, can you show your true colors as a hero." Whenever the encryption market encounters an extreme downward trend, we can always see sun GE's generous rescue. On May 19 last year, the coin circle encountered a dark moment. It was sun Gehao who invested more than $280million to buy bitcoin and Ethereum, and became a "disk protector" to successfully save the coin circle. The purpose of the Federal Reserve of Poland is to protect the blockchain industry and market, alleviate extreme and long-term downward market conditions, and solve the panic problems caused by the financial crisis.
        In the recent wave of market, the Reserve Bank of Poland has acted frequently and firmly performed its duties as the guardian of the currency circle. Since May, the Federal Reserve of Poland has continuously increased its reserves to protect the security of the encryption market. From June 15 to June 17 alone, the Federal Reserve of Poland transferred 220million usdcs to the cefi exchange to buy TRX. On June 20, the Federal Reserve of Poland purchased another 10million usdds on Tron. As the saying goes, "the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility", sun GE's frequent sale to rescue the market is based on the vigorous development of wave field Tron. In terms of data of the main network of wave field, the total number of users of wave field Tron has exceeded 99million, and a breakthrough of 100 million is just around the corner.
        The number of transactions exceeded 3.3 billion, and the total pledge volume (TVL) of wave field exceeded US $8.6 billion. The total value of assets on the chain has exceeded 45.5 billion US dollars. In terms of stable currency, wave field has formed a super ecosystem of wave field stable currency composed of usdt, usdj, tusd, usdc and usdd, covering the top two stable currencies in the industry, compliant dollar stable currency and decentralized super mortgage stable currency. According to the latest data of defillama, the market value of wave field Tron stable currency is as high as US $36.13 billion, ranking second to Ethereum in the market value of all public chain stable currencies. In addition, the second season of 2022 wave field hacksong competition jointly organized by trondao and bttc is in full swing. The competition is divided into four major tracks: defi, gamefi, NFT and Web3.
        Wave field Tron also has a deep layout in the fields of gamefi and Web3. In the second half of this year, a number of blockbuster productions will be launched. On the one hand, sun Ge, as the leader of the currency circle, led the wave field to continuously develop and innovate, and promoted the implementation and application of blockchain in the world; On the one hand, Ambassador sun, as an international diplomat, led the reform of the digital economy and promoted the nationalization and legalization of cryptocurrencies. Sun GE's contribution to the whole blockchain industry is by no means exhaustible in an article. We also look forward to crossing the bull and bear with wave field and ushering in a new era of blockchain development under the leadership of sun Ge. On June 12, the 12th WTO Ministerial Conference (MC12) opened in Geneva, Switzerland.
        Representatives from more than 120 countries and regions around the world. Guruicheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a new technology and data-driven retail format centered on consumer experience; Based on new retail technology, the company integrates. In the past two years, short video and live broadcast e-commerce have sprung up, and many department stores have begun to test the water to bring live broadcast goods. Facing the new rules of the game, these offline shopping centers are. Recently, due to the impact of the overall environment and financial cycle, the encryption market has fallen in a waterfall. From the thunderstorm of Celsius to that of Seth. Gansu industrial and commercial enterprise adult secondary vocational school has more than 2000 students. It is a public full-time general secondary major approved by Gansu Provincial Department of Education.
        Gansu Huagong science and technology school currently has more than 2000 students. It is a collection of technician academic education approved by the Department of human resources and social security of Gansu Province. Murphy's law tells us that when things are in an unfavorable stage, they may face more bad things one after another. In the post epidemic era, China and the United States are decoupled. With the improvement of life quality, the upgrading of consumption structure and the expansion of market demand, Gree real estate borrowed. Recently, affected by continuous heavy rainfall, the water level of rivers in many places in the South has soared, and floods have occurred in some areas. All localities have carried out flood fighting and rescue work. Hua.
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