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The Ministry of industry and information technology and the central Internet Information Office issued guidance on accelerating the application of blockchain technology and industrial development

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        Guiding opinions of the office of the central network security and Information Technology Commission of the Ministry of industry and information technology on accelerating the application of blockchain technology and industrial development. Blockchain is an important part of the new generation of information technology. It is a new type of database software integrated with distributed network, encryption technology, smart contract and other technologies. Through data transparency, tampering resistance and traceability, it is expected to solve the trust and security problems in cyberspace, promote the transformation of the Internet from information transmission to value transmission, and reconstruct the information industry system. In order to implement the spirit of the important speech delivered by the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee at the 18th collective study of the Political Bureau, give play to the important role of blockchain in industrial reform, promote the deep integration of blockchain and economy and society, and accelerate the application of blockchain technology and industrial development, the following opinions are put forward.
        Guided by the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics for the new era, we should thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the second, third, fourth and fifth plenary sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee, based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, focus on the strategic deployment of a manufacturing power and a network power, aim to cultivate internationally competitive products and enterprises, and take deepening the integration and application of the real economy and public services as the path, We should strengthen technological research, consolidate the industrial foundation, expand the main body of the industry, cultivate a good ecosystem, and realize the upgrading of the industrial foundation and the modernization of the industrial chain. Promote the integrated development of blockchain and new generation information technologies such as the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence, and build an advanced blockchain industrial system.
        Apply traction. Give full play to market advantages, actively expand application scenarios, promote the application of blockchain in key industries and fields, and drive the iterative upgrading of technical products and the continuous improvement of industrial ecology with large-scale applications. Innovation driven. Stick to blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technology, clarify the main direction of attack, increase investment, promote collaborative research, and improve innovation ability; We should pay equal attention to both short board and forged long board, and promote the industry to accelerate its progress towards the middle and high end of the value chain. Ecological cultivation. Give full play to the main role of enterprises in the development of blockchain, accelerate the cultivation of internationally competitive products and enterprises, build an advanced industrial chain, and create a win-win industrial system.
        Multi party collaboration. We will promote the integration of the forces of industry, University and research, and promote the rapid and effective allocation of resource elements. Strengthen the coordination and interaction between governments, enterprises, universities and research institutions, and explore a new model of win-win cooperation. Safe and orderly. We should pay equal attention to development and security, accurately grasp the development law of the blockchain technology industry, strengthen policy planning and standard guidance, strengthen the construction of security technology guarantee capacity, and realize the scientific development of the blockchain industry. By 2025, the comprehensive strength of the blockchain industry will reach the world advanced level, and the industry will begin to take shape. Blockchain applications have penetrated into many fields of economy and society, cultivating a number of well-known products in product traceability, data circulation, supply chain management and other fields, and forming scene based demonstration applications.
        Cultivate 3-5 internationally competitive backbone enterprises and a number of innovative leading enterprises, and create 3-5 blockchain Industrial Development clusters. The blockchain standard system has been preliminarily established. A team of professionals supporting industrial development has been formed, and the industrial ecosystem of blockchain has been basically improved. Blockchain effectively supports the strategies of manufacturing power, network power and digital China, and plays an important role in promoting the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity. By 2030, the comprehensive strength of the blockchain industry will continue to improve, and the industrial scale will further expand. Blockchain is deeply integrated with the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other new generation information technologies, which are widely used in various fields, cultivate and form a number of internationally leading enterprises and industrial clusters, and the industrial ecosystem tends to be improved.
        Blockchain has become an important support for building a manufacturing power and a network power, developing the digital economy, and modernizing the national governance system and governance capacity. 1. Deepen the integration and application. Give play to the role of blockchain in optimizing business processes, reducing operating costs, building a credible system, etc., cultivate new models, new formats, new industries, and support digital transformation and high-quality industrial development. 2. Supply chain management. Promote enterprises to build a supply chain management platform based on blockchain, integrate logistics, information flow and capital flow, improve supply chain efficiency, and reduce business risks and costs. Build a new collaborative production system and capacity sharing platform through smart contract and other technologies to improve the level of supply chain collaboration.
        3. Product traceability. In the fields of food and medicine, key components, equipment manufacturing, etc., blockchain is used to establish a product traceability system covering raw material manufacturers, manufacturers, testing institutions, users and other parties, accelerate the visualization of product data, make the circulation process transparent, realize the tracking and traceability of the whole life cycle, and improve the quality management and service level. 4. Data sharing. Use blockchain to break the data island, realize the traceability of data collection, sharing and analysis process, promote data sharing and value-added applications, and promote the innovation of digital economy model. We will use blockchain to build a multi-party credit data platform and innovate the construction of social integrity system. 1. Promote application innovation.
        Promote the application of blockchain technology in public service fields such as digital identity, data storage and urban governance, support the transparency, equality and accuracy of public services, and improve the quality of life of the people. 2. Government services. Establish a government data sharing platform based on blockchain technology, promote the joint maintenance and utilization of government data across departments and regions, carry out applications in public service fields such as education and employment, health care and public welfare assistance, promote business collaboration, deepen the reform of "one network" and bring better government service experience to the people. 3. Evidence collection. We will use blockchain to establish digital credible certificates, and establish new types of deposit and evidence collection mechanisms in the fields of judicial deposit, real estate registration, administrative law enforcement, etc.
        Give full play to the advantages of blockchain in the field of copyright protection, and improve the right confirmation, authorization and rights protection management of digital copyright. 4. Smart city. Use blockchain to promote the interconnection of information, capital, talents, credit investigation and other aspects between cities and the orderly flow of production factors. Deepen the application of blockchain in the field of information infrastructure construction, realize the intensive deployment, co construction and sharing across departments and industries, and support the construction of smart cities. 1. Adhere to standard guidance. Promote the construction of blockchain standardization organization and establish a blockchain standard system. Accelerate the formulation of key and urgently needed standards, encourage the formulation of group standards, carry out in-depth publicity, implementation and promotion of standards, and promote the implementation of standards.
        Actively participate in the global standardization activities of blockchain and the formulation of international standards. 2. Build the underlying platform. Strengthen technical research in key areas such as distributed computing and storage, cryptographic algorithms, consensus mechanisms, smart contracts, and build blockchain underlying platforms. Support the use of sensors, trusted networks, software and hardware combination and other technologies to strengthen data collaboration on and off the chain. Promote the integration of blockchain and other new generation information technologies, and create a secure, controllable and cross chain compatible blockchain infrastructure. 3. Cultivate quality brands. Blockchain enterprises are encouraged to strengthen quality management, promote advanced quality engineering technologies and methods, and improve code quality and development efficiency. Develop third-party quality evaluation services and build a blockchain product and service quality assurance system.
        Guide enterprises to actively implement standards and carry out quality brand building activities. 4. Strengthen network security. Strengthen the construction of blockchain infrastructure and service security protection capacity, and regularly carry out the assessment and analysis of security risks in key areas by blockchain technology. Guide enterprises to strengthen industry self-discipline, establish risk prevention and control mechanisms and technical preventive measures, and implement the main responsibility of safety. 5. Protect intellectual property rights. Strengthen the management of blockchain intellectual property, cultivate a number of high-value patents, trademarks and software copyrights, and form a competitive intellectual property system. Encourage enterprises to explore and establish a common protection mechanism for intellectual property through blockchain patent pool, intellectual property alliance and other modes.
        1. Research and develop blockchain "famous products". Integrate the professional forces of industry, University and research, carry out blockchain product research and development, and strive to improve the level of product innovation. Facing the fields of anti-counterfeiting traceability, data sharing, supply chain management, certificate storage and forensics, we will build a number of industry-level alliance chains, strengthen the application and promotion, and create a number of blockchain "famous products" with advanced technology and strong driving effect. 2. Cultivate blockchain "famous enterprises". Coordinate resources such as policy, market and capital, cultivate a number of internationally competitive blockchain "famous enterprises", and play a demonstration and leading role. Improve the innovation and entrepreneurship environment, cultivate and incubate blockchain start-ups; Encourage deep cultivation in subdivisions, take the path of professional development, and create a number of Unicorn enterprises.
        We should guide large enterprises to open up resources, provide infrastructure for small and medium-sized enterprises, and build an industrial ecosystem of multi-party cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results. 3. Create a blockchain "famous garden". Encourage local governments to combine resource endowments, highlight regional characteristics and advantages, and create a blockchain development pilot area in accordance with the concept of "regulatory sandbox". Support parks with good basic conditions to build blockchain industry "famous parks", optimize the allocation of industrial elements such as policies, talents and applications, and support the agglomeration and development of blockchain enterprises by opening application scenarios. 4. Establish an open source ecosystem. Accelerate the construction of blockchain open source community, and cultivate a number of high-quality open source projects around the underlying platform, application development framework, testing tools, etc.
        Improve the blockchain open source promotion mechanism, widely gather developer and user resources, vigorously promote mature open source products and application solutions, and create a new ecosystem of benign and interactive open source communities. 5. Improve the industrial chain. We should pay equal attention to both short board and forged long board, strengthen the chain and build a modern industrial chain. For weak links, organize upstream and downstream enterprises to jointly tackle key problems and consolidate the industrial foundation; Establish an advanced industrial chain management system to enhance the toughness of the industrial chain. 1. Promote "blockchain + industrial Internet". Promote the integration and innovation of blockchain and identity resolution, build a blockchain infrastructure based on identity resolution, improve the integration and application ability of "platform + blockchain" technology, and create a new mode and new format of industrial Internet based on blockchain technology.
        2. Promote "blockchain + big data". Accelerate the construction of a blockchain based authentication traceable big data service platform, promote the orderly confirmation, sharing and flow of data compliance, and fully release the value of data resources. Develop blockchain based data management, analysis and application, and improve the management and application level of big data. 3. Promote "blockchain + cloud computing". Build a blockchain application development, test verification and operation and maintenance environment based on cloud computing, provide flexible, easy-to-use and scalable support for blockchain applications, and reduce the threshold of blockchain application development. 4. Promote "blockchain + artificial intelligence". Develop technologies and methods such as artificial intelligence training and algorithm sharing based on blockchain to promote the development of distributed artificial intelligence mode.
        Explore the use of artificial intelligence technology to improve the operation efficiency of blockchain and the intelligent level of cooperation between nodes. Support places with a certain industrial base, face key areas such as the real economy and people's livelihood services, select mature application scenarios, select a number of units with strong promotion ability to carry out blockchain application pilot, and form a number of blockchain underlying platforms, products and services with good application effects. Support the development of blockchain industry by relying on the national industrial development project. Enrich industry applications by organizing blockchain competitions and other ways. Support qualified blockchain enterprises to enjoy preferential software tax policies. Explore the use of the first version of insurance compensation, government procurement and other policies to promote the large-scale application of blockchain R & D achievements.
        Local governments are encouraged to study and formulate policies and measures to support the development of blockchain industry based on reality, strengthen the element guarantee of industrial development from the aspects of land use, investment and financing, talent, etc., and establish blockchain product library and enterprise library. Support the blockchain development pilot area to create a "Chinese software park". Support professional service institutions to develop blockchain training, testing and certification, investment and financing and other services, and improve the industrial public service system. Strengthen the construction of entrepreneurship and innovation carriers, accelerate the incubation of various innovative blockchain enterprises, and support the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. Relying on the construction of "new engineering" and characteristic demonstration software colleges, support colleges and universities to set up blockchain professional courses and carry out blockchain professional education.
        Strengthen blockchain vocational and technical education by building talent training bases. Cultivate industry leading talents and high-level innovation teams, and form a number of "celebrities" in the blockchain field. Around the strategic deployment of the "the Belt and Road", build an international cooperation and exchange platform for blockchain, and strengthen international cooperation in blockchain in the fields of technical standards, open source communities, talent training, etc. Encourage enterprises to expand international exchange and cooperation channels and improve the level and level of international development.
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