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Sum software: what is the development trend of web and 30+ games?

Time : 10/12/2021 Author : nsprya Click : + -
        Compared with traditional games, blockchain games have significant advantages. First, user information is secure and anonymous, and data will not be tracked or sold by third parties. Secondly, blockchain eliminates the double flower problem, which means that it is not as prone to fraudulent payments as traditional legal payment credit and debit systems. Generally speaking, the profit of games in the Web2.0 era is defined by the players who dominate the market and obtain a high proportion of return share. Under this system, game developers can't get enough return from their work, and end users are also charged a premium and don't get real rights. Based on this situation, it is not surprising that developers turn to Web3.0 on a large scale, because this is a place where game communities are established rather than game monopolies, and collaboration is an important symbol of blockchain game development.
        Although blockchain games have many benefits, there are still many obstacles to overcome. For example, the reward system must be reasonable enough to prevent a few users from becoming too powerful. There must also be a balance between developers, gamers, investors and vendors. It should be noted that investors or marketers have a great influence. If the game is to be truly successful, these groups need to actively participate. As the online trend of social life becomes more and more obvious, online games will continue to be popular, and it is only a matter of time before the solution to bridge the gap between Web2.0 and Web3.0 games. This problem is mainly completed by connecting the mature game development environment with blockchain through API.
        For many passionate developers, this is very convenient because they can build on familiar engines and easily make the game compatible with Web3.0. This will have many benefits, including easy integration of encrypted wallet, NFT, decentralized market, Multi Chain interoperability, mobile optimization, etc. With the growth and development of blockchain game environment, these functions may become more prominent, because it provides many conveniences including efficiency, scalability and customization. The future of the game will involve the interoperability between blockchains and sub chains, which allows developers to develop specific and customized games for their target audiences.
        Through distributed ledger technology, gamers and developers will witness the emergence of fairer reward mechanisms and higher-level games. Return to Sohu to see more.
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