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Beware of "virtual currency" and "blockchain" scams!

Time : 09/05/2022 Author : zuv2sd Click : + -
        Virtual currency is a hot topic nowadays. With the wings of blockchain, it will attract the attention of many citizens with investment needs. However, under the banner of these new concepts, is it really worth investing?. Recently, the Jiulongpo District branch of Chongqing Public Security Bureau cracked a gang of illegal fund-raising fraud under the name of "blockchain" and "virtual currency". More than 2000 people across the country were cheated, involving nearly 20million yuan. Mr. Chen, who has not made a breakthrough in his middle-aged career, has been looking for ways to increase his income. Introduced by his friends, Mr. Chen attended a lecture on blockchain and subscribed 50000 so-called ACC passes at a cost of 100000 yuan.
        According to the publicity of the other party, the pass will not only appreciate nearly 10 times, but also buy cars, houses and travel. At first, he watched the token on the book appreciate. Next, he found that the so-called mall could not use the pass to buy goods. Finally, he found that the circulation of ACC token transaction is a "private hedging" mode, that is, it is necessary to introduce new members and then obtain the so-called "rebate". Mr. Chen thought something was wrong, so he called the police. After receiving the alarm, the Economic Investigation Detachment of Jiulongpo District Public Security Branch immediately filed the case for investigation. After investigation, the suspect Fang, Su, Hu and Li took a company in Jiulongpo District as the main body to promote the ACC pass project and implement fund-raising fraud.
        The criminal gang used the ACC blockchain pass project as a gimmick and high returns as a bait to lure unspecified people to invest. Suspect Fang is the initiator, designer and boss of the project, responsible for propaganda and celebrity platform, attracting unspecified people to buy ACC pass, and developing and launching ACC pass project app; Suspect Su is the legal representative of the main company, who provides office space for the ACC blockchain pass project. By serving as an executive of the project, the external development team absorbs members, knowing that the ACC pass is worthless, he still sells it to others; Mr. Hu, the suspect, served as the operation officer of the project in Greater China, developing the market and selling ACC passes; Suspect Li is responsible for the overall operation of the ACC pass project, improving Fang's fund-raising fraud scheme, making the ACC pass project more attractive.
        Fang and others publicly claimed that the ACC pass was legal and valuable, and could be used for shopping, trading and circulation. Later, they launched projects such as anchoring land, purchasing parallel imported cars, and purchasing low rent housing. According to the investigation of the public security organ, the ACC pass project is an ACC pass mobile app designed by Fang. Fang controls the price and payment. The ACC pass is illegal, worthless, cannot be traded and circulated, has not anchored the land, cannot be used to buy parallel imported cars, and cannot be used to buy low rent houses. The publicity of this project is false publicity, which belongs to fraud. Recently, under the banner of "financial innovation" and "blockchain", some criminals have absorbed funds by issuing so-called "virtual currency", "virtual assets" and "digital assets", infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of the public.
        Such activities are not really based on blockchain technology, but hype the illegal fund-raising, pyramid selling and fraud of blockchain concept banks. Such activities take "financial innovation" as a gimmick, which is essentially a Ponzi scheme of "borrowing the new to repay the old", and the operation of funds is difficult to maintain for a long time. Xianning Local Finance Bureau reminded: the general public should treat blockchain rationally, do not blindly believe in the promises of hype, and should establish a correct concept of currency and investment, and effectively improve risk awareness; If illegal fund-raising clues are found, they can report to the relevant departments in time to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law. (reporter Xu Lang, correspondent Liu Jingya).
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