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Blockchain in life,Blockchain is a "folk prescription" to change future life

Time : 07/12/2021 Author : ygofeu Click : + -
        Some people say that blockchain is a new investment outlet, while others say that the decentralized nature of blockchain will lead to a regulatory crisis. During the Spring Festival, a group of Internet leaders did not sleep in the middle of the night and set up a "3 o'clock sleepless blockchain community", while 55 companies with blockchain prefix were registered in February. All of the above make the word "blockchain" become the talk of the masses after dinner. After becoming the focus, this blockchain actually has the potential to become a "folk prescription" that will change our future lives. If you don't know the technical term blockchain, you can understand it as a set of distributed account books that record transactions and transactions.
        How popular is bitcoin, which has triggered blockchain debate, you can see by checking its exchange rate with us dollars. (bitcoin takes blockchain as an underlying technology to record the transactions of all parties.). Due to the distributed characteristics of blockchain, it is decentralized, which also means that no one can tamper with it, because its data is not owned or stored by any company, but distributed on many computers. Therefore, blockchain can not only be used to track cryptocurrency transactions, but also many companies have begun to study how to benefit from this technology. This undoubtedly begins to provide a "folk prescription" for the change of people's future life, and the reasons are as follows:.
        From the initial stock speculation, to real estate speculation, to now blockchain speculation and currency speculation, although the speculation is more and more sophisticated and mysterious, the rhythm of cutting "leeks" is faster, and the madness of the currency circle also makes some people wealth freedom, while others go to the rooftop. Recently, Microsoft and consulting firm Accenture began to cooperate to use blockchain technology to create a prototype system of identity authentication (ID) for a United Nations project, which aims to provide effective legal identity authentication services for more than 1billion people around the world. In the future, this blockchain based ID will be able to help refugees who do not have any official proof of identity. And this service will bring benefits to anyone, such as travelers can access their personal information anywhere in the world.
        At present, it is often difficult to find and access your own medical records, because these medical records are distributed in different hospitals and doctors. However, some companies, such as proofwork in Israel, want to create a blockchain platform on which patients can easily access their personal medical records without contacting any doctors or medical offices. This will also give patients more control over their medical records and make it easier for them to track their health status. Now, Wal Mart, the global retail giant, has begun to use blockchain technology to track the source of berries such as mangoes, grapes, tomatoes and other agricultural and sideline products, so as to determine the source of bad food and facilitate recall and other operations.
        It is reported that the project is carried out by Wal Mart in cooperation with IBM. In a test, Wal Mart was able to determine where the rotten food came from in just 2 seconds, while it took nearly a week to find out under the existing system. According to the survey of idgconnect, with the continuous attention to blockchain technology from all walks of life, 13% of it senior leaders have made it clear that they will use blockchain for their business, and have begun to deploy and adjust the relevant IT architecture and equipment to meet the needs of blockchain technology application. It is estimated that by 2020, the number of IOT devices will reach 50billion.
        All these IOT devices need to exchange information with each other simply and quickly, and provide a certain level of security for their users. At present, IBM has said that it has launched Watson Internet of things platform, which can track IOT devices on the supply chain package with the help of blockchain technology to track, locate and even monitor the storage temperature, so as to facilitate enterprises' real-time grasp of logistics. Although this statement has not been verified in the domestic banking sector, americanexpress, an internationally renowned credit card company, has said that it will outsource some international transactions to a company called ripple for processing through blockchain technology.
        This move is expected to accelerate the instant completion of its international trading process, rather than taking a few more days. Accenture predicts that if the banking industry uses blockchain technology for transactions, it will save $8billion (about 50.66 billion yuan) or more per year. The current legal contract is a legally binding agreement that requires my personal signature on the original document and takes a lot of time to complete. However, blockchain is expected to turn this process into digitalization, namely "smart contract". At present, openlaw has been committed to using blockchain to reduce "the cost and friction of creating, protecting and generating legally binding agreements". It also plans to eliminate the need for intermediaries and provide tools for storing these protocols.
        Because it is possible to liberate lawyers from this process and become a disruptive technology application. The construction of the current education credit system is not perfect, and there are many limitations in the data dimension. Due to the single verification means and rigid process, the information is opaque and easy to be tampered with. Using blockchain technology, it is expected to achieve cross regional and cross college student information, track students' behavior records on campus, and create a more benign education credit ecosystem. In view of the characteristics of decentralization, openness, autonomy, information tamperability and anonymity of blockchain technology, the market value of applying its technical advantages to various industries is gradually reflected.
        According to the report provided by transparencymarketresearch, an international market research company, the market share of blockchain technology was only US $317million in 2015, but by 2024, its market share will soar to US $20billion, with huge room for expansion. With the continuous application and evolution of blockchain technology, its impact on people's lives and industries will not only be limited by the above 10 changes, but more projects will undoubtedly require continuous exploration and efforts of all parties.
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