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Imtoken wallet consensus mechanism depends on tezos, the core function of ecosystem blockchain

Time : 17/09/2021 Author : s47tgp Click : + -
        The successful transition to the tenderbake consensus mechanism relies on the tezos ecosystem to ensure that the infrastructure is ready for change. This is a list of necessary steps. It introduces a new consensus mechanism, tenderbake, which brings some improvements, including the certainty of certainty, that is, the absolute certainty that the transaction cannot be reversed after two blocks. Replacing the consensus mechanism itself is a major task, because it defines the rules for tezos Baker to determine the status of the ledger &mdash& mdash; The core function of blockchain. Performing such an upgrade on a real-time global blockchain network will make things more complicated.
        It is essentially like changing the engine when the car is running. It is important to note that tenderbake has introduced significant changes to some types of existing infrastructure. Decentralized networks rely on their constituent participants to play their roles, which means maintaining necessary changes with the development of the agreement in the tezos ecosystem. After the upgrading of Granada in August, the network experienced longer blocking time and many missed endorsements, temporarily reducing the "health" of the network. After the upgrade of Hangzhou in November, the context flattening led to insufficient memory in some low specification nodes. In order to increase the possibility of a smooth transition, we call on all imtoken wallet ecosystem participants to ensure that they are ready for ithaca2 activation, which will occur around March 31, provided that the upgrade is decided by the community vote.
        This includes bakers, block browsers, wallet providers, exchanges, index service providers, node as a service providers, DAPP maintainers, and all others involved in providing tools or services in the tezos ecosystem. In general, we encourage ecosystems to join the ithacanet test network to ensure that their settings and infrastructure are compatible with the upcoming version of the protocol. Tezos nodes and baking software need to be updated to a version compatible with tenderbake. For octez, this is v12.0 and later. For tezedge, it is V2 and later.
        Bakers who use ledger hardware wallet for security signature need to update tezosbaking application on their device to v2.2.15.ithaca2. After activation, the earlier version will not be available. If you are not sure what you need to do in the end, please contact us at or feel free to contact the nomadiclabs support team. Given the scope and complexity of the upcoming upgrade, we find it important to remind the community that the tenderbake consensus mechanism marks a shift towards network security rather than real-time. The current emmy* consensus mechanism allows multiple versions (forks) of the network to run in parallel during major network splits.
        This may be caused by global Internet disruption or software errors. Similar to bitcoin and Ethereum. When the connection between different forks is re established, the version with the greatest interest (or the largest hashing power for the workload proof network) will define the status of the ledger. Smaller forks are discarded. With tenderbake, this situation has changed. As the so-called classic BFT consensus algorithm, its operation assumes that at least 2/3 of the total equity is honest. As long as this is the case, there will be no parallel block production that suddenly replaces or resumes transactions after the network split. Any little fork will stop 2.
        The network is secure. The tradeoff is that if more than one-third of the total equity is isolated or offline, the entire network will stop until the connection between at least two-thirds of the total equity is re established, rather than remain active as a separate network. This is due to design. Expected behavior. But it can be triggered by errors - or by enough unprepared network participants, and this blog is designed to prevent this. As tezos continues to be adopted and needs to provide higher throughput, the question arises whether the hardware requirements of the baker will increase. We don't think it is necessary to do this for the current upgrade of the tenderbake consensus.
        We hope that current hardware settings will remain adequate, provided they meet generally recommended specifications. However, imtoken wallet is the first step to adjust the network to increase layer 1 throughput. It is possible to increase the adoption rate, resulting in more complete blocks. Coupled with the adjustment of some network parameters, the baking system with the lowest power may eventually need to be upgraded. If it becomes relevant, it is important to note that minor upgrades to the lowest power system - for example, from raspberrypi to Intel NUC, which is powerful enough - will not affect tezos' energy efficiency profile in any significant way. As the recent PwC report on tezos' carbon footprint shows, 10% of the bakers interviewed reported using raspberrypi, with a power of about 9 watts per unit.
        Switching to Intel NUC will increase the energy consumption of these Baker systems to about 12 watts. Tenderbake is an important milestone for tezos and its community. We are happy to be part of this major agreement transformation and are eager to see what new opportunities it will bring. Special reminder: the information on this website comes from the Internet and is intended to convey more information, which does not mean that this website agrees with its views. Its originality and the text and content of the statement in the text have not been confirmed by this website. This website makes no guarantee or commitment to the authenticity, integrity and timeliness of this article and all or part of its content and text, and please verify the relevant content by yourself.
        This website does not bear direct and joint liability for infringement of such works. If any content on this website infringes your rights and interests, please contact us in time, and this website will deal with it within 24 hours.
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