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What does "little popular science" blockchain mean?

Time : 06/07/2021 Author : bwezy1 Click : + -
        To ensure that records are almost immutable. This idea was created by an anonymous programmer who used the pseudonym satoshinakamoto, which is the basic technology that makes peer-to-peer bitcoin transfers unnecessary for financial institutions to verify transactions. However, the application of blockchain technology is far beyond bitcoin. Anything that relies on accessing databases can benefit from blockchain technology. Blockchain is first of all a public electronic ledger, which can be publicly shared among different users, and create an unchangeable transaction record. Each transaction record is timestamp and linked to the previous one. Each digital record or transaction in the thread is called a block (hence the name), which allows an open or controlled group of users to participate in the electronic ledger.
        Each block is linked to a specific participant. Blockchain can only be updated by consensus among system participants, and it will never be deleted when entering new data. Blockchain contains real and verifiable records of every transaction in the system. Generally speaking, blockchain is written at one time with many electronic ledgers attached. Blockchain is not a single technology. Instead, it is an architecture that allows different users to make transactions and then create unalterable records of these transactions. Although it has great potential, blockchain technology is still in its infancy. CIOs and their business departments should expect setbacks in the deployment of this technology, including the real possibility of serious errors in the software used on blockchain, in order to create business specific applications – For example, mobile payment system.
        In another example, Ethereum, one of the most popular blockchain platforms, does not support the use of decimal points in its scripts for intelligent (self executing) contracts. Those who code blockchain networks need to create a solution. The Linux foundation has created tools for building blockchain collaboration networks. In July, open source developers launched hyperledgerfabric1.0, a collaboration tool for building blockchain distributed ledger business networks, such as smart contracts. Although some industry organizations are working to standardize the version of blockchain software, about 200 start-ups are developing their own versions of distributed ledger technology.
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