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The world's fourth generation digital currency C Bai exposition was grandly held, and a new round of blockchain storm was launched

Time : 20/02/2022 Author : yehc9p Click : + -
        Following the surging tide of blockchain in 2017, the layout of blockchain industry in 2018 has accelerated closely. On March 1, the "fourth generation of CBI world plus" themed with "Internet + blockchain wealth password" was held. Following the turbulent blockchain tide in 2017, the blockchain industry layout in 2018 was closely accelerated. On March 1, the "fourth generation of CBI world cryptocurrency explanation meeting" themed with "Internet + blockchain wealth password" was grandly held in Anhui. C Bai, senior leaders of the Asia Pacific region, blockchain research experts, and powerful guests from all walks of life attended this briefing. At this presentation meeting, C Bai Asia Pacific senior leaders and blockchain research experts analyzed the origin of blockchain and the trend of blockchain technology application, and introduced the highly innovative "pow+pos+evm" technology to successfully develop the fourth generation encrypted digital currency C Bai.
        A few days ago, Putin said in a dialogue with hermangref, President of Sberbank (Federal Reserve Bank of Russia), "we need [blockchain technology]. The end of the stone age is not because of the lack of stones, but because of the emergence of new technology. Once we fall into the wind in this race, we will be quickly and very quickly crushed by the leaders in the track". Klausschwab, the founder of worth forum, who is known as the father of "digital economy", said in an interview recently that blockchain is an important achievement of the fourth industrial revolution after steam engine, electrification and computer, and he represents the second era of the Internet.
        He believes that it is expected that 10% of the total global GDP will be stored by blockchain technology by 2025. It can be seen that 2018 will be a year of rapid development of blockchain technology application, and relevant industry supervision and technology will be gradually improved and implemented. How to seize the initiative in the application of blockchain technology is the key. Under the general trend of blockchain application, C Bai has led the innovation wave of blockchain financial industry and promoted the development of blockchain financial industry through innovative "pow+pos+evm" technology. The following is a specific introduction about C Bai. Cbdchain, referred to as C Bai for short, is based on blockchain technology and developed by the scalarcombination German international R & D team over three years.
        Jonathansmith, the developer of scalarcombination's German international R & D team, is a blockchain expert in Germany. At the same time, there are top technicians from Russia, Australia and the United States. Under his leadership, he successfully developed the fourth generation cryptocurrency C by using the highly innovative "pow+pos+evm" technology. It is a consensus based, scalable, standardized, feature complete, easy to develop and collaborative one-stop application platform that realizes the compatibility between BTC and eth ecology, can quickly obtain data, and makes personal data generate wealth value through data mining. It has the most complete, compliant and efficient privacy protection scheme in the industry.
        C Bai's original "pow+pos+evm" technology, including digital currency, smart contract and other features. At present, the block speed of C Bai is 30 seconds / block, with an initial circulation of 5million pieces and a total circulation of 163 million pieces. First, it is decentralized. There is only one Eurasian R & D team, which is completely market-oriented without any control from countries, institutions, consortiums or individuals; Secondly, go to the central account to avoid the risk of cash flow. The platform does not recharge or withdraw cash; Third, point-to-point trading avoids policy risks, that is, players and players, players and businesses, point-to-point OTC trading; Fourth, orderly entry and exit; Fifth, there is no threshold for investment freedom; Sixth, risk self-control, assets are in their wallets.
        On the basis of blockchain technology, digital currency will set off a new storm in 2018, and CBAI will help investors experience the power of blockchain in the digital currency market.
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